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May 16, 2021

President Iohannis, leaders of parliamentary parties sign historic pact on Army funding with 2% of GDP

President Klaus Iohannis and the representatives of parliamentary parties  signed on Tuesday the national political Agreement on increasing the financing of defence following the talks on Monday on this issue that have led to political consensus  for increasing the financing of Defence to 2% of GDP in 2017.

The Agreement was signed first by the president  Klaus Iohannis, followed then by the parliamentary party leaders:  PSD Chairman,  Prime Minister Victor Ponta, PNL co-chair, Alina Gorghiu and first vice-president of the party Catalin  Predoiu, UDMR President , Kelemen Hunor, UNPR president, Gabriel Oprea, PC President Daniel Constantin, PP-DD President , Simona Man. The leader of national minorities in Parliament, Varujan Pambuccian was not present at the signing ceremony. “Thank you for that you have understood with maturity and responsibility that it is required an agreement on the Army’s  financing assumed by all parliamentary political parties. Today we show the Romanian military that we respect them,” said Klaus Johannis, after signing the pact.


President Iohannis: It is time to seriously deal with national security and achieve results


“The fact that all present have expressed commitment  to support the achievement in 2017 of a minimum level of 2% of GDP for defence and keep this amount as a minimum for at least 10 years shows Romania’s desire to have predictability in providing military spending . Army is a provider of security, but can also be a provider of economic development, because programs of endowment with fighting technique can generate partnerships between specialized companies  in the country and those of our allies, as well as foreign investment and jobs for Romanians. I see the political agreement to support financing for defence also as an implicit agreement for the development of the national defence industry. There have been said many things so far, many strategies that were made have usually remained only on paper. It is time to seriously deal with this important issue of national security and to achieve results. Today we show, too, that Romania is a responsible NATO member and that it understands very well its duties. When we wait for solidarity from our allies in a difficult time for our region’s security, we must be aware that we owe to increase the financial contribution for the Army. The strategic partnership with the United States, along with NATO and the European Union are major elements of our foreign policy and security. I assure you that Romania will act as a reliable partner,” Romanian President also emphasized in his speech at the end of the signing ceremony.


Appropriate financial support of defence guaranteed


All the signatories show commitment to follow in all their future actions on the national defence four goals, namely: increasing the financing of defence, so that it reaches 2 percent of the GDP in the 2017 national budget; preserving this level for the following ten years, until 2027, and increasing it if the resources allow it, based on the country’s security needs and obligations; guaranteeing a nationwide political consensus on this pact, irrespective of the parties being in power or in the opposition; and supporting the multiannual planning of the defence budget, to guarantee the predictability of the army equipment policy, while developing cooperation projects involving the national defence industry and foreign companies.

‘We thus guarantee the appropriate financial support of defence, as a vital condition for the proper operation of the Romanian Army, through supporting and developing equipment and training programmes,’ the document aimed to create a predictable and stable framework, signed on Tuesday reads.





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