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January 16, 2022

Alina Gorghiu: The spring will not pass without the Ponta Government being dismissed

PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu declared on Monday for Realitatea TV that she is confident that Prime Minister Victor Ponta would be dismissed this spring.

Gorghiu expressed her opinion that “the spring would not pass” without the Victor Ponta Government being dismissed and expressed her belief that President Klaus Iohannis sees through the “transparent” game of the Prime Minister, who is “waving olive tree branches” (a symbol of peace, editor’s note.)

“The olive tree branches from behalf of Mr. Ponta were easily seen and he waved them as obvious as possible, yet, nobody believes in his good intentions any more, Gorghiu declared, as a guest to Rares Bogdan’s political show on Realitatea TV, “Power Games”.

“I do not want to issue precise data, but (…) in a few months, these things will be cleared by a motion of censure, at the will of the MPs”, Gorghiu said, outlining that “we do not intend to rely on political wanderers, so that there is no reason for fear”.


“I am sure that Traian Basescu is not yearning for PNL”


Asked what would happen is Traian Basescu knocked on the door of PNL, Gorghiu replied:

“If there are still people who believe that Basescu has anything to do with PNL, I will disappoint them. I am sure that Traian Basescu is not yearning for PNL and neither is PNL for Traian Basescu. If Traian Basescu has any political option, I do not think it is PNL. I am positive that there are too many things that keep us apart”, Alina Gorghiu declared.


“I am confident that Chiuariu will act according to PNL demands of image”


The PNL President also admitted that she had had a discussion with Liberal Senator Tudor Chiuariu and declared that she was confident that he would act according to the image and integrity criteria established for the members of the party.

“The discussions I have in private stay in private and I think that anybody who has been a member of PNL for a while and supports PNL – I had had a discussion with Tudor – will understand the demands of image and of integrity imposed by this party, and I am absolutely convinced that Mr. Chiuariu’s decision will be according to these things”, Gorghiu declared at Realitatea TV, for the show “Power Games”.

She was also asked whether Tudor Chiuariu would be eliminated from the party in the case he did not understand these criteria.

“I would not like to predict what would happen inside the party, yet, I think that these criteria, and I am mostly focusing on the image of PNL and on the need to follow some criteria of integrity, would be understood by Tudor Chiuariu and by any other colleague and that there will be no discussion on any proposal of elimination in the National Permanent Bureau meeting in Iasi, but we will discuss in Iasi and see whether anything would happen until then. I have the strong belief that something will happen as a result of the conversation I had with the Senator today. Actually, you will see in the next few days if anything happens”, Gorghiu declared.

The leader of PNL Ilfov, Marian Petrache, had announced on Monday that the President of the party, Alina Gorghiu, demanded Senator Tudor Chiuariu to leave the party until his legal situation is cleared.

“Ms. President has demanded Chiuariu’s exit from the party until his legal situation was cleared”, Petrache had declared on Monday at the Parliament Palace.

According to a press release by DNA, Anticorruption prosecutors in Brasov had requested a 30-day inquiry on Tudor Chiuariu.





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