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December 9, 2021

Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland thanks Romania for its significant contributions to the regional, Euro-Atlantic and global security

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis and the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland had a meeting at the Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday morning. “Thank you that so soon in my mandate  you decided to pay a visit,  I don’t know if it’s due to me, but I am very happy,” President Iohannis told Ms. Nuland in  the beginning of the meeting.

“Surely it’s due to you. I came to see you,” Assistant Secretary replied.

The president added that there are “many things in common to talk about during this meeting.”

According to the Presidential Administration, Romania’s will to strengthen the strategic partnership with the US by expanding cooperation not only in the military field, but also on economic one was in the focus of discussions.

Romania’s President welcomed the interest of US companies in this sector and encouraged their increased presence on the Romanian market. In this regard, he  stressed the need for legislative stability, predictability and transparency in the business environment.

The two high officials highlighted the substantial progress achieved by Romania in judicial reform and in combating corruption.

President Iohannis and Assistant Secretary Nuland have also used the opportunity to  review the political situation in the region. The President reaffirmed the strong commitment of Romania as a NATO member, expressing the decision to allocate the necessary resources to adequately respond to security concern developments in our region and in Europe.


Aurescu , Nuland highlight the privileged status of the relations between Romania and the United States


Meeting on Wednesday the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs  Bogdan Aurescu, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland,  thanked Romania for its significant contributions to regional, Euro-Atlantic and global peace and highlighted the privileged status of the bilateral relationship between Bucharest and Washington.

‘The representative of the Department of State thanked Romania for its significant contributions to the regional, Euro-Atlantic and global security, hailing the excellent bilateral cooperation illustrated also by the joint project at the Deveselu base or by Romania’s decision to increase its contribution to the Resolute Support NATO operation in Afghanistan,’ the Romania’s  Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a press release.

Nuland conveyed the special appreciation for the strategic partnership with Romania and for its important achievements; she stressed the interest of the United States into enhancing it, also by identifying new opportunities for cooperation and joint projects along its economic and energy security, education, science, innovation and good governance axes.

The two interlocutors have also highlighted the dynamic, growing pace of the bilateral strategic partnership, illustrated by the wider cooperation on its various components, including the joint contributions to the guarantee of the regional, Euro-Atlantic and international security.

As regards the political, military and security side, the most advanced component of the strategic partnership, Aurescu voiced Romania’s interest for the continuation of the US support to the reassurance measures taken by NATO for its Eastern allies, and for the full implementation of the approved schedule of the Allied decisions at the summit in the United Kingdom, with special stress on the Alliance’s Readiness Action Plan to increase its operational capability.

The Romanian chief diplomat mentioned the advanced status of the operationalization of the American ballistic missile defence system of Deveselu (southern Romania), due this year – a significant strategic project for the security of both states and for the Euro-Atlantic security.

On other topics of interest on the bilateral agenda, the Romanian official reasserted the importance of appointing a new American ambassador to Bucharest and the need for progress towards the goal of including Romania in the US Visa Waiver programme.

Within the context of the 135th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic relations, Aurescu expressed the interest of the Romanian part in close cooperation with the American part to appropriately mark this moment of special political and symbolic weight for both states, including by organizing joint events and by involving other institutional partners in these projects.

The two officials also exchanged in-depth views on the evolutions in the immediate vicinity of Romania and in the extended Black Sea region, with focus on the Republic of Moldova, on Ukraine and on their implications for Romania.


Romanian-American ongoing projects on military, security, justice and economy topped the agenda of Ponta-Nuland talks


Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland of the United States Department of State discussed on Wednesday the concrete ways of enhancing and diversifying the bilateral strategic partnership and the situation in the region, a media release of the Executive informed Agerpres..

‘Within the framework of the strategic partnership, the talks referred to the ongoing projects with the American part on military, security, justice and economy levels, especially the energy and IT industries, as well as new proposals for their development,” the document reads.

During the meeting, Ponta presented the results obtained by Romania in consolidating the reform of the Judiciary and in fighting corruption; also, the Government’s commitment to these.

The release also mentions the prime minister’s special mention of the Executive’s support and measures in favour of ‘adequate allocation of the budget resources necessary for defence, within the context of the present challenges’; there was a mention of ‘the excellent bilateral cooperation in this field.’

The two officials also discussed a series of governmental actions to consolidate the economic side of the strategic partnership, including the increase of American investments into Romanian economy.

The Government press release also mentioned the exchange of views between Ponta and Nuland on the evolutions in Romania’s Eastern neighbourhood.

Senate Speaker : Romania and Poland to strengthen relations for a security corridor from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea

Senate President Calin Popescu Tariceanu has stated, on Wednesday, that in the discussions held with the US State Department Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, he emphasized the necessity for stronger relations and cooperation in the political and military domains between Romania and Poland.

“I have emphasized the necessity for Romania and Poland to strengthen their relations and cooperation in the political and military realms, so that we may accomplish an extra security corridor from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea based on our country and Poland, two middle to large stature countries in Europe that have the capability to accomplish this objective. Based on the common historic experience of our countries in this complicated and tense political context I believe we have to understand that we cannot, as Europeans, rely solely on the support of the USA, a very important one, but we, too, must be capable in our turn to ensure our own means for defense, for the ensuring national security”, said Calin Popescu Tariceanu at the end of the meeting with Victoria Nuland.

Asked whether the American official relayed anything regarding the problems in Parliament, regarding the vote to lift immunity, he said that the European and American partners look with interest upon Romania because of it has a strategic position, and that they are not indifferent to our political evolutions.

“Without a doubt our partners – the European and American partners – look with interest upon Romania, because it has a strategic position and they are not indifferent to our political evolutions. I believe that Romania has proven in the recent period, and especially in the past months, I would say after the elections that took place at the end of last year, that it is a stable, predictable country, a country that can be regarded as a true partner”, said Tariceanu.




Photo: www.presidency.ro



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