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October 23, 2021

Troop movements on political stage, UNPR makes new acquisitions

MP Radu Stroe has resigned Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s party, PLR, declaring his intention to join UNPR in the near future. He said he was not reproaching anything to anyone and that it was a personal decision.

‘I have resigned PLR for personal reasons. I am not reproaching anything to anyone and it is a personal decision. At the beginning of the Parliament season I will join the political group of PSD UNPR also belongs to’, former Interior Minister Radu Stroe told Mediafax.

UNPR announced on Monday that two former members of PMP – MP Valerian Vreme and Vasile Gherasim – had joined the party.

‘MP Valerian Vreme has become a member of the National Union for the Progress of Romania. The UNPR MP will operate within the PSD political group in the Chamber of Deputies. Mr. Vasile Gherasim has also joined the UNPR team’, the party officials say in a press release.

Valerian Vreme explained his choice by the fact that, as a Bacau MP, he cooperated with Onesti city Mayor Laurentiu Neghina, supported in election by Gabriel Oprea’s party. ‘I want to become more efficient for the local community in Onesti. (…) By joining UNPR I am only formalising a support relationship for the benefit of the local administration, and, by that, of the public in the Onesti area where I was elected as a member of Parliament’, Valerian Vreme told Agerpres. Before PMP became an official party, the Bacau MP had been a member of PDL, a party that also appointed him as minister of communications in the Boc Government.

Valerian Vreme, former Minister of Communications, is under criminal investigation in the ‘Microsoft’ case. Up until May 2013 he was a member of PDL and then became non-affiliated.

Vasile Gherasim was an MP of Bacau between 2008 and 2012 and Mayor of District 1 of Bucharest from 2000 to 2004.


Elena Udrea: ‘In PMP stays who is willing to build this party’


PMP President Elena Udrea said early this week she regretted Valerian Vreme and Vasile Gherasim’s departure from her party to UNPR, admitting that her party was living a difficult moment and that only those willing to build things would stay. ‘I regret these departures, they are two colleagues with whom I have worked very well, who have always supported the political projects I was engaged in. It is a difficult moment for PMP, because we are the only party in the opposition. A party is built with difficulty. We were founded less than a year ago. There are two big parties to power – PSD on the one hand and PNL on the other hand. In PMP stays who is willing to build this party. Of course, there is always the opinion of joining a party to power, but it’s a personal choice – stay and build PMP or join a party who has the power’, Udrea said during a press conference.




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