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June 25, 2022

Geoana prepares the new PSD and an alliance with PNL

Senator Mircea Geoana declared for Realitatea TV that a new PSD is needed and added that in no more than two weeks, he will launch a new political project, the only response to left-wing supporters so that PSD would not become an irrelevant force in politics. He proposes a coalition similar to the one in Germany, that would include the two big parties, the centre-right wing one and the centre-left wing one.

He also claimed that he was the only alternative to Victor Ponta. On the other hand, Geoana pointed out that the new project was a natural partner for PNL, hinting at a possible collaboration of his new group with PNL.

“This new PSD is the only reply we people of the left wing can give today in order to avoid that the old PSD become an irrelevant form in politics. It is such a great necessity. I paid my duty to this party. My dear colleagues of the PSD, if you will continue accepting the delay of a compulsory analysis regarding the deep causes of failure at the presidential elections, I want to issue an alarm signal telling you that, week by week, due to mere political gravitation, there will be an evolution that will determine both the old PSD and the present one to end up in the Opposition. This thing may be influenced on one condition: if we had the courage to create this new PSD and propose it to the new President, who is open to a coalition similar to the German one”, Geoana declared at Power Games TV show on Realitatea TV.

“Do you know my greatest theme? I have no more patience for mediocre solutions in my country. PNL makes a majority with whomever they can in PLR and PC change their leaders and alliances, but Romania’s problems will remain unsolved. I will never be part of this mediocre game in this country. This is not my purpose”, Geoana declared.

The former PSD president also declared that in no more than two weeks, he will start a project gaining people of several environments and categories of parties that want to attend this country project. Moreover, Geoana declared that the new project is a natural partner of PNL.

He pointed out that the “new PSD” may be a natural partner of a new PNL ib a country project for the next few years, which might help the new PSD stay in the Government as part of a coalition similar to that in Germany. “There will be a majority that will make the old PSD and its present leaders to end up in the Opposition. And if the party is impossible to vote and ends up in the Opposition, it will stay ten years in the Opposition. This thing can be changed if we have the courage to make this new PSD, to start by assuming rules in the game and propose the new president Klaus Iohannis, whom I see as an open person, a discussion regarding a grand majority similar to the German one, a German coalition. (…) Our ambition is a grand national pact of the new PSD and the new PNL. It is the only chance for PSD to remain in the Government for the next few years”, Geoana declared.


“A natural partner of PNL”


Mircea Geoana pointed out that the change should be made by PSD at all levels and that the new project he intends to create in two weeks will be a “natural” partner of PNL.

“The question is: are there genuine people in PSD or outside PSD that still believe something may be done? I tell you that you are just as responsible as the leadership of the party to find an answer. At the time being, there is no other answer than a new PSD. A renewed PSN may only be achieved by rebuilding the old party from its very roots. In any of the two formulas, I am the natural alternative to Victor Ponta. Because the way Ponta eliminated me from the party shows that he is afraid of me. We will launch this initiative group and we will invite everybody to join us in the new PSD. This project is a natural partner of PNL. I will not be interested in mediocre projects. I have no problem with the attitude some people may perceive as lack of loyalty to the party. I was eliminated from the party out of an accomplice silence that frightens me and it does not mean I do not think that I have the duty to carry the flag of PSD in the future as well”, Geoana declared.


Geoana praises Dean Thomposon, American Charge d’Affaires to Bucharest


Former Foreign Affairs Minister of Romania and also a former Romania’s Ambassador  to Washington,  Mircea Geoana declared that the US Senate is to analyse the American proposal for an Ambassador to Bucharest, a position soon to be filled by a “diplomat with a career”.

“It was merely a political block in Washington, an American cohabitation where the American Administration was blocked by the Republicans in the Congress and they simply disagreed on whom to appoint. Given the fact that things were sorted out, the long list of Ambassadors waiting to be interviewed by the American Senate will include an Ambassador for Romania, too. Dean Thompson is doing an outstanding job, yet Ambassadors with a career always have a plus and my estimations are that, after two or three attempts to bring politicians to Bucharest, I think and I was also provided the information that they will most likely appoint a professional, a diplomat with a career”, Geoana declared in the Tuesday edition of the show “Power Games”, on Realitatea TV.



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