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April 23, 2021

Nuland meets Romanian political leaders, voices interest in domestic political evolutions and in crucial areas for the rule of law

The US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland used her presence to Bucharest to take the pulse of the Romanian domestic political life by meeting political leaders to whom she conveyed very important messages about Washington’s expectations to see political stability in Romania, as well as continued efforts for more progress in the judicial reform, in fighting corruption and in strengthening the rule of law. Another important topic raised by the US official in her talks with the political parties leaders was the one referring to the law package on collecting personal data.

Co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu said that during Wednesday’s meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, she reiterated the firm commitment of the National Liberal Party (PNL)  towards the rule of law, the strengthening of democratic institutions, good governance and the fight of corruption.


Gorghiu presented PNL’s project on the reform of the political class


“We voiced support for strengthening the Strategic Partnership with the US, which should materialize in the expansion of cooperation not only as regards security, but also on economic, commercial and cultural ground. We are aware that broadening the scope of cooperation largely depends on solving integrity and corruption issues and PNL is determined to effectively contribute to democracy and to solutions that strengthen the rule of law. To this effect, PNL will see that anti-corruption laws are duly observed, for episodes like the amnesty and pardon law to never repeat again. The more so as we know that two legislative initiatives on the subject have been submitted, we will ask the colleagues from other political formations to have Parliament reject the bills as soon as possible,” Alina Gorghiu specified, as cited in a release to Agerpres.
In the talks with Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland, PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu mentioned another objective of the Liberal Party, specifically the reform of the political class, which should start from rethinking the system of financing for the political parties in election campaigns so as to fight corruption.

“The political class must become again accountable in relation to other state institutions. From this perspective, we need to adopt the legislative proposal initiated last year by the Liberal Party, which speeds up all the parliamentary procedures initiated in response to the requests of the judiciary for preventive arrest or the start of the criminal prosecution of lawmakers,” said Gorghiu.

The PNL leader mentioned that she also welcomed the consensus on the necessity to safeguard global security and Romania’s role in this respect, including by providing an appropriate budget for defence.


Senator Geoana: Romania has a huge chance to play an extremely important role both from a strategic and an economic stand in our region


The political evolution in Romania, but also about ‘the chance for Romania to play an extremely important role both from a strategic and from an economic stand in the region’ were the main topics approached during the talks between the US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs and former Foreign Minister Mircea Geoana at the US Embassy headquarters on Wednesday.

‘The decision the US Administration makes concerning our country and our region widely depends on her opinion. We have talked very openly about the huge chance Romania has to play an extremely important role both from a strategic and an economic stand in our region. There is only one condition for this thing – to be able to understand that the rule of law, the fight against corruption, the good governance, the integrity and competence for all those who want to take a public office represent a minimum compulsory requirement for Romania to reach its objective of being a more influential and prosperous country. (…) We have also talked about diversifying and balancing the strategic partnership in the economic area. (…) Energy was another topic we approached,’ Geoana said at the end of the meeting.

In context, he maintained that Victoria Nuland ‘was interested’ in the political evolutions in Romania.

‘I told her without any detour what my opinion is concerning the need to create in Romania a new beginning also from the point of view of a greater and new majority in Parliament, the fact that a German-type coalition including the new Social Democratic party and the new National Liberal Party would be the optimal solution for Romania. It isn’t the USA’s business what we do back home, but I have been very direct, we are people that have known each other for a lifetime already, and I told her what my opinion is concerning the political future of the governance and of the relation with the new president,’ the former Social Democrat leader added.

‘My opinion is that, in the conditions in which we shall very soon have from Romania’s President, according to his constitutional duties, a new defence strategy and the resumption of the law packages on national safety, which have been long buried in Parliament, maybe in a little bit more integrated, more settled and less emotional context, we could find a balanced response between the need to protect ourselves and the need to ensure the citizens’ freedoms according to the Constitution, which guarantees the secret of correspondence,’ Geoana also said, adding that the topic was also approached during Victoria Nuland’s meeting with the leaders of political parties.

On the other hand, Geoana maintained that our country has ‘a historic chance’ to become ‘indispensable.’

‘It is a shame for a historic chance such as Romania has never had before, that of being so important, so relevant, so indispensable in terms of security, not to be translated into economic dividends and prosperity. (…) Romania can be in this part of Europe what Poland is in the north of Europe. (…) The fact that ‘black Tuesday’ was not mentioned again is a positive thing, but the energetic continuation of the fight against corruption (…) and against the corruption cases (…) are very, very important things. (…) Romania means more than a new president, it means a new country project, a reinvention of the Romanian Left Wing, a reinvention of the Romanian Right Wing and, why not, being able to build for the next two or six years a great coalition that can truly establish this new rule of the game in which integrity, competence, predictability, continuity and more efficiency in what we do at rule should become a rule of the game,’ the former Foreign Minister underscored.


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