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January 23, 2022

US Embassy contradicts Geoana: Mrs. Nuland has not expressed any preference for a particular political leadership in Romania

The US Embassy in Bucharest has issued on Friday, a statement which contradicts the statements made by Senator Geoana after Victoria Nuland’s visit in Romania, about America’s support for a new government.”Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland has not made any comment on the preference for a particular political leadership in Romania. This is a matter which concerns only the Romanian people,” the US Embassy has stated, according to Realitatea TV. Geoana has replied in turn to the US Embassy release. “The point of view of the US Embassy is in accordance with my statements of yesterday. I have presented a possible evolution of the political scene in Romania to Victoria Nuland, because it is absolutely natural that our main partners are informed directly from the source. Discussions on these changes on the Romanian political scene are already in the public space. This does not mean that the US officials have expressed a preference for a certain political leadership in Romania. This is a choice that regards only the Romanian people and the national parliament, said Mircea Geoana.

Senator Mircea Geoana said on Thursday that he has talked with US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland about his Leftist project which he is ready to take over as a leader, after he was excluded ‘for fear’ from the PSD and the necessity to build up a new government in Bucharest.

“We are all speaking of the new beginning of a political cycle. Well, how should it be a new beginning with the old rule? How can it be a new beginning with the old project? Because the current government needs a deep renewed credibility. You cannot be part of a national project speaking of integrity, competence, patriotism, with those who have deliberately blocked the vote of Romanians in the presidential elections of November. It is a contradiction in terms, there is an evident intellectual conflict. You cannot say that so many accusations and suspicions of corruption or tolerance in using the public money for some is an element that would allow you a true fresh start. You cannot, it is purely and simply a masquerade”, said Geoana at Adevarul Live.

He added that he pleaded in discussions with Victoria Nuland for Romania’s chance to have a new start with a new majority and a new, ambitious, political project that would work in partnership with President Klaus Iohannis and that would, “as quickly as possible, give the country a new government”.

“There are good quality people responding to my message: ‘Wake up, brothers and sisters!’. Because to continue, out of fear, or complicity, to cling on to Ponta and Dragnea means practically a PSD that will be in the Opposition for a very long time, because President Iohannis will anyway make the majority he wishes in the Parliament. But wouldn’t it be a shame to appeal to mediocre solutions? (…) I believe we can come up with a more serious order. (…) My proposal is that in early March, at the latest, we should be able to come with such a project”, added Geoana.


PSD’s Dragnea to Geoana: Involving  US officials  in a personal political fight, inadmissible


The executive chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea (photo) has commented on Thursday night the statements by senator Mircea Geoana in reference to the necessity of a new government, saying they are ‘grave and irresponsible.’

Dragnea added that, in his opinion, the project Geoana has in mind is Marian Vanghelie.

‘Mircea Geoana isn’t lying from one end to another. Mircea Geoana is blooming and distorting the meaning. But, let’s take his declaration: it is inadmissible to involve US officials in a personal fight of Mircea Geoana. I saw he was talking about a great national project. The project of Mircea Geoana is Marian Vanghelie. And this is his project. (…) Victoria Nuland met Prime minister Victor Ponta, as she met President Klaus Iohannis. She had a very good discussion with Victor Ponta, even efficient,’ Dragnea told the private broadcaster Romania TV.

Liviu Dragnea excludes the eventuality that Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie be re-instated in PSD, after they were excluded at the end of 2014 from the party headed by Prime minister Victor Ponta.

Referring to the fact that senator Mircea Geoana had already been excluded from the party, in the past, then re-instated, Liviu Dragnea has commented: ‘That was the weakness of Victor Ponta’.


Ion Iliescu: The appearance of a “new PSD” is unserious, Geoana and Vanghelie play a frivolous game


Referring to this situation, the former President Ion Iliescu, honorary chairman of the PSD said on Thursday about the appearance of a ‘new PSD’ that it is unserious, yet he added that this doesn’t mean that the current PSD should not analyse what it is to be done in order to consolidate its positions after the November 2014 presidential elections.

Being asked by the journalists if the PSD leader should assume the presidential elections’ failure, Ion Iliescu said yes, but highlighted that this action should take place from inside the party, and compared Victor Ponta’s situation of today with his own in 1996, after losing elections to Emil Constantinescu.

The former head of state showed upset with the labels put to the PSD in the electoral campaign, as it being a communist party.

‘These are follies. We have had a Revolution in 1989, we should start from there, that is the point of debut of Romania’s new history. Such politicking matters of poor character are not helpful. There are some other issues linked to the state’s functioning, the state’s bodies functioning, the society’s, the political parties’, there are some other more complex and more complicated issues. If we keep on dealing with such petty matters and labels, thought and in-depth analysis of what we should really do, crash,’ the social-democrat leader said.

The former president declared himself against the recent exclusions from the party of the two former leaders, Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie saying that diversity of ideas is the one which stays at the foundation of a party which wishes to be democratic and dynamic in the political life.

Yet, being asked how he commented the fact that Geoana and Vanghelie wished to tear apart the PSD, Iliescu said he believed it is just ‘a frivolous game.’

‘One should think what it is to be done to strengthen this political entity which assumes responsibilities and has the biggest experience in these 25 years of evolution of the Romanian society. The voices, the free debates should not be smothered, we should even encourage the diversity of opinions, but on a civilised confrontation grounds. Currently, I look back in the near past and remember of the first elections we have had after the Revolution, including the final debate. There we are three candidates – Mr. Ratiu of the Christian Democrat National Peasant Party (PNTCD), Mr. Campeanu with the National Liberal Party (PNL) and me. It was a novelty for that time too, it was a first on the national public television. (…) But there were no offences, it was a very civilized debate among three very responsible political people who respected each other, each and every one upholding one’s own ideas. We must continue and develop this spirit that dominated then, at the beginnings. The political public debate has lowered to another level and substance. This is the weakness we should be preoccupied now of,’ the former president concluded, quoted by Agerpres.




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