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January 19, 2022

New PSD led by Geoana and Vanghelie prepares to overturn Ponta

Senator Mircea Geoana said on Thursday that he discussed with the US Department of State Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland about his left-wing project that he is ready to lead, after having been expelled from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) “out of fear”, and about the necessity of building a new government in Bucharest.

“We are all speaking of the new beginning of a political cycle. Well, how should it be a new beginning with the old rule? How can it be a new beginning with the old project? Because the current government needs a deep renewed credibility. You cannot be part of a national project speaking of integrity, competence, patriotism, with those who have deliberately blocked the vote of Romanians in the presidential elections of November. It is a contradiction in terms, there is an evident intellectual conflict. You cannot say that so many accusations and suspicions of corruption or tolerance in using the public money for some is an element that would allow you a true fresh start. You cannot, it is purely and simply a masquerade”, said Geoana at Adevarul Live.

He added that he pleaded in discussions with Victoria Nuland for Romania’s chance to have a new start with a new majority and a new, ambitious, political project that would work in partnership with President Klaus Iohannis and that would, “as quickly as possible, give the country a new government”.

“There are good quality people responding to my message: ‘Wake up, brothers and sisters!’. Because to continue, out of fear, or complicity, to cling on to Ponta and Dragnea means practically a PSD that will be in the Opposition for a very long time, because President Iohannis will anyway make the majority he wishes in the Parliament. But wouldn’t it be a shame to appeal to mediocre solutions? (…) I believe we can come up with a more serious order. (…) My proposal is that in early March, at the latest, we should be able to come with such a project”, added Geoana.

According to him, an initiative group for the “new PSD” will be officially launched in 10 to 12 days, before the beginning of the parliamentary session, having a core of members of parliament.

“The group will contain an important number of MPs from the PSD and the current majority. This will be offered firstly to the colleagues from the PSD. The new PSD can take shape in two ways: either through the restructuring from the ground up of the current PSD, that remains for me an option and a natural alternative, or through a new political product, a new PSD as a new party. I am the alternative to Ponta. And Ponta made me his alternative, by expelling me from the PSD with no basis, only out of fear”, said Geoana.


Vanghelie: 25MPs of PSD already convinced to join the new left-wing project, the total number may reach 50 to 60


The former PSD leader Marian Vanghelie declared for Gandul that the perspective of realizing the new political project he presently prepares with Mircea Geoana already convinced 25 MPs of PSD, from Bucharest and other regions in the country, to join them.

“Until February 1, we will finish the initial stage of our political project, besides at least 25 members of the Parliament. Together, we are the group of initiative for founding the new PSD, a strong and serious left wing party”. It is only the beginning, as Vanghelie says that, immediately after the motion of censure announced by PSD is submitted, the group of MPs interested in the project may reach 50 to 60 persons. “These colleagues of ours are very necessary in order to reach very important decisions in the Parliament.We will vote for the motion, in order to send Mr. Victor Ponta home from his position as Prime Minister. We are interested in a stable governing of Romania, based on a German pattern, until the year 2020. The left wing working with the right wing, so that scandals and fights would stop and so that the bond would be serious”, the former PSD member explained.

Vanghelie announced no names of the base team of officials attracted to the new group but described them as “resounding and beautiful names”. “I am confident there are many MPs who have no patience anymore. They no longer endure that they were ridiculed. And I also thing that some of them, even if they are unwilling to come to us from the very beginning, would vote for the motion of censure. People have had enough. Romania, the Parliament and the party should not be led by ridiculing people”, Vanghelie revolted, warning Ponta to pay attention where he goes.


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