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May 17, 2022

PM Ponta about the offer of residences sent by RA-APPS to Basescu: He is a really finicky customer

Former President Traian Basescu will finally pick a residence from the list of properties provided by the State Protocol Patrimony Administration (RA-APPS), but he is a really finicky customer, Premier Victor Ponta declared, as quoted by Mediafax. “Basescu is a really finicky customer, given the fact that, last time, he was sent an offer of seven possible homes. Finally, he will pick something else from the RA-APPS properties”, Ponta declared for the B1 TV station.

Asked whether this statement was not a mere revenge to Basescu, Ponta gave a negative answer, claiming that he had no wish to get a revenge on anyone in particular.

The Government recently issued a list sent in December by de RA-APPS to Traian Basescu, including seven houses so that he could choose a residence after the end of his term as Romania’s President. Among them, there was the apartment on Prezan Boulevard where he had Adrian Nastase as a neighbour and two villas in Snagov. The Government declared that Basescu refused some of the homes and gave no answer regarding the rest of them.

The list was sent to Basescu after he demanded RA-APPS, also forwarding the request to the General Secretariat of the Government, to be granted a protocol house as free residence, other than Villa Lake 3, where he lived at the time, as well as a space to be used as an office after the closing of his presidential term, according to applicable laws.

On the list, there were the six-room apartment on Boulevard Constantin Prezan, in the Building where Traian Basescu was Adrian Nastase and Nicolae Vacaroiu’s neighbour on different floors (with a surface of 279 square metres), Villa 11 in Snagov (2,189 square metres), Villa 1 A in Snagov (472 square metres), a five-room house with three more service rooms on Orbescu Street (440 square metres),  a nine-room house on David Praporgescu Street (295 square metres), a five room apartment on Barbu Delavrancea Street (280 square metres) and an eight room apartment on Lev Tolstoi Street (273 square metres).

Afterwards, the Villa 1 A was granted to the National Authority for Disabled Persons and PM Ponta mentioned that Villa 1 will be announced for sale, therefore Basescu may only use it as a residence if he paid EUR 2.5 million, the estimated value of the villa.

The law establishes that persons who had the quality of President of the Romanian state benefit for the rest of their life by the free use of a protocol home as a residence, including a space destined as an office, and that they will be employed as an advisor and as a secretary, and paid a salary of 75 per cent of the present President’s wage, guarding and protection as well as free use of a car, permanently assured by the Protection and Guard Service.

The actual manners of exercising these rights must be established by Government decree.

The law also stipulates that the protocol residence must not be the residence the owner had dwelt in as a President during his term.

The RA-APPS villas in Snagov were the subject of discussions between PM Victor Ponta and President Traian Basescu at the end of last year. Ponta had declared that the former President would not be granted the right to move in one of these spaces and Basescu replied that he did not request any particular villa, but an adequate house, according to the law.

At the end of October, PM Victor Ponta announced that the discussion about “Basescu’s palace” was to end as he overruled RA-APPS’ proposal to grant the Head of the State the house in Snagov, showing that the respective building would be offered to a foundation.

In reply, President Traian Basescu mentioned again that he had not requested a given villa, but a house and an office, as stipulated by the law.

President Traian Basescu must leave Villa Lake 3 in 60 days.



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