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January 17, 2022

Ponta explains roots of his conflict with Geoana: I refused to appoint him as Foreign Minister. Geoana denies, calls him “Pinocchio”

PSD leader, Prime Minister  Victor Ponta said that a conflict state between him and Mircea Geoana has appeared when he refused to appoint Geoana as Minister of Foreign Affairs, but opted for Aurescu, although Geoana offered to support him in this position, according to Mediafax.

“The conflict with Mr. Geoana, from  my view, was related to the fact that I have not appointed him as Foreign Minister. I appointed Mr. Aurescu when this position had become vacant,” PM Ponta told B1TV station on Saturday. The Prime Minister said that Geoana offered to support him in this capacity, but that he preferred Bogdan Aurescu instead.

“I have a very good opinion of Bogdan Aurescu, I think he should have and could have been minister for a longer time, and  that in the November 16 context of the second round of presidential elections, not only the Diaspora vote, I speak of the political context, it  was a very clear message of our political commitment to partnership with the United States, to our strategic aprtnerships, beyond the fact that he is a person I have known for long time, and whose professional capacity I think that no one has expressed any doubt, “said Ponta.

The Prime Minister has pointed out to B1 TV that he would prefer Bogdan Aurescu for this position in any context, and added that this option should not be taken as “something negative” against Mircea  Geoana. Bogdan Auresccu was proposed by PM Ponta for the position  of Foreign Minister on 24 November, while the scandal of the Diaspora vote was boiling.

On  November 28, in a statement to  announce his resignation from the PSD , the MP Sebastian Ghita told colleagues that since last year he has told his colleagues that “Geoana wanted to blackmail Ponta, asking the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs.” “He called me to tell me that if Ponta will not appoint him as Foreign Minister, then there will be war in PSD” said Ghita .

In response, Senator Geoana had said then that he would not allow Ghita to tell lies about him on an alleged blackmail against Prime Minister Ponta for the post of Foreign Minister, adding that the discussion between him  and  Ponta focused on his candidacy for the position of UN Secretary General in 2016.

“In terms of statements related to the so-called blackmail for the position of Foreign Minister, I will not allow Mr. Ghita or anyone else to tell such ordinary lies. I have not had any discussion with Mr. Ponta to appoint me in any  position in the event that he would have won, “said Geoana denying any blackmail on the issue.  He said that the discussion between him and Ponta focused on his candidacy for the position of UN Secretary General in 2016.

“The only dialogue I’ve had with Mr. Ponta prior to the presidential election was related to a project for Romania, namely the support, the Government would eventually  have granted to a candidacy of mine for the position of UN Secretary General I 2016,” Geoana added.


Geoana : Not even the author of Pinocchio, could have imagined lies as those said by Victor Ponta


Senator Mircea Geoana claims he did not request Prime Minister Victor Ponta designate him as Foreign Minister, a release of the MP remitted on Sunday to Agerpres shows.

“When he is claiming without evidence that I asked to be designated Foreign Minister, he is sustaining his Ph.D. in lying. (…) Not even Carlo Collodi, the author of Pinocchio, could have imagined lies as those said by Victor Ponta. And then, what is the logic of Ponta-Pinocchio? Because I was mad at him for not designating me a minister he expelled me from the party? Ponta-Pinocchio should know that I publicly hailed the proposal of Mihnea Motoc and then of Bogdan Aurescu. I believe we need to rebuild the tarnished image of the MAE [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] after the ‘Operation Diaspora’ whose authors are Ponta, Dragnea and Corlatean, bringing professionals to the leadership”, said Geoana.

He also said that lies have no legs. “Your political career, based on imposture and lies, is nearing its end. Too many things are building up, Mr. Ponta, the deadline is closer than you believe”, said Geoana to Ponta.




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