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Princess Margareta of Romania, 25 years since return to homeland: The Royal Hose decorates personalities from Romania, US, France, Switzerland

A number of personalities of Romania, the United States of America, France, and Switzerland were decorated, on Sunday, by Princess Margareta, on the occasion of the events held in honor of the anniversary of 25 years since her return to her homeland, among them Frederic Mitterand, the nephew of the former president of France, Agerpres reports.

Frederic Mitterand, a former Minister of Culture of France (2009-2012), the nephew of the former French head of state Francois Mitterand, received the Order of the Crown of Romania in the rank of Commodore for his entire cultural, civic and political activity, noted through the interest and help lent to developing the international cultural scene, for his activity in the realm of television, cinema and music, but also for the help lent to the royal family.

“It is a wonderful moment for me. The decoration is a tribute of friendship and for me it is a moment of appreciation. As many Frenchmen, I will never forget the importance of King Mihai I in the Second World War. King Mihai freed Romania from the fascist government, worked his whole life for democracy and now Princess Margareta does exactly the same. The Royal Family of Romania works for the prestige of Romania, and is very popular here for doing a great deal for this country”, said Frederic Mitterand.

On the same occasion, the Princess has also decorated, on Sunday, in the name of the King, a series of personalities of Romania, the United States of America, France, and Switzerland.

The King Mihai Medal for loyalty was bestowed upon Patricia Klecanda, the director of the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation [FPMR] (New York, USA), the executive director of the FPMR, Mugurel Margarit-Enescu and upon Corina Motts-Roberts, who helped found the FPMR in Switzerland, as well as the king’s secretariat.

The medal of the Custodian of the Crown of Romania was granted to lawyer Florin Iacobescu, to the No. 114 “Princess Margaret” General School, to Jean Milligan David (FPMR, Switzerland), and to Countess Susanna Antamoro de Cespedes, the founder and leader of the FPMR Switzerland Association.

The order of the Crown of Romania in the rank of Knight was granted to Chef Albert Roux for his activity in the culinary domain.


A great sense of accomplishment for our country


Princess Margareta believes that the 25th anniversary of her return to her homeland and the activity of the Foundation that bears her name is a great accomplishment for Romania.

“It’s hard to put it into words. It’s a great sense of accomplishment for our country,” the Princess declared on Saturday for Agerpres at the event that opened the celebrations organized by the Royal House to honor a quarter of a century since Her Highness touched down again on Romanian soil.

The venue of the event, organized by the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation (FPMR), was the ‘Gheorghe Focsa’ hall of the “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, bringing together Foundation beneficiaries and volunteers.

Over time, at FPMR, the public could discover intergenerational programs through interactive workshops, in the company of the beneficiaries: children, young and elderly, of the volunteers and of the Foundation team. Activities such as the lesson of classical music, intergenerational reading club, “thoughts over the years” and “speed-dating” demonstration meetings were meant to introduce in an accessible way the educational experience at the “Generations Community Center”, the vocational courses, the “Young Talents” scholarship holders and volunteering under the “Never Alone” program in support of the elderly living alone.

“Together with my father, King Mihai I, I set up the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation 25 years ago, when I set foot in the country for the first time. Since then, the Foundation has helped tens of thousands of children, youth and senior citizens through integrated and sustainable nationwide programs which have strengthened local communities and restored dignity and hope to Romanians. Today, the Foundation promotes the intergenerational model. I think that it is an example for the society and a gain for the future. Every meeting between the elderly and the young is a life experience. It is deeply impressive to see how such strong bonds of friendship can get to connect people from different generations. In all these years I wasn’t alone in my efforts, but have been joined by exceptional people from many countries, who shared my ideals and have supported the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, out of the desire to offer a better life to children, young people and senior citizens affected by poverty, disease and loneliness.

I look back with gratitude to all those who made up our Foundation’s family over the last quarter of a century. Together they all set a priceless example of responsibility, selflessness and civic spirit for the world today,” reads the message of Princess Margareta of Romania on the FPMR website.

The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation was established in 1990 by Princess Margareta with the support of her father, King Mihai I. It provides support to children, young people and senior citizens through sustainable interventions based on the exchange of experience and values between generations. Over its 25 years of existence, FPMR has carried out countless sustainable projects in education, community development, civil society, health and culture, which all contributed to the spiritual and social renewal of Romania.

After a break of 42 years, on January 18, 1990, the first member of the Royal Family was setting foot on Romanian soil, as Princess Margareta, accompanied by her sister, Princess Sofia, was descending the plane that had brought her from Geneva to Bucharest. King Mihai I had entrusted to his eldest daughter the mission to represent him in the country, for the first time since the Royal Family’s departure into exile, in the dawn of January 4, 1948, the cited source mentions.

The Royal House is organizing on Sunday a series of events dedicated to the anniversary of 25 years since the return to her homeland of Princess Margareta.

On Sunday, Princess Margareta will visit, together with other personalities from abroad, Studio 4 of the Romanian Television, the place where the events of December 1989 were broadcast from.

On Sunday evening, as of 18:00 hrs, Princess Margareta and Prince Radu will attend a gala concert at the Romanian Athenaeum, with the evening set to be concluded with an official dinner hosted by the CEC Palace, slated at 20:00, in the presence of the heir presumptive Princess Margareta and Prince Radu, and of 200 guests – foreign personalities, but also representatives of all areas of Romanian society, who have supported the Royal Family in the past 25 years.


Photo: www.romaniaregala.ro


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