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June 26, 2022

Basescu’s political intentions are still a mystery

Traian Basescu’s intentions and political future are still a mystery, as long as the former head of the state postpones publicly revealing his political options and makes no move in any direction. A month after he left Cotroceni, Traian Basescu is really low profile and very discreet in public and avoided appearing on the political stage with any statement that would give a hint regarding his intentions. There were no public appearances and no declarations. The obvious facts, so far, are that the former President is mostly focused on spending quality time with his family and, as he promised in the last day of his presidential term, he spends as much time as possible with his grandchildren. Until Basescu makes an announcement regarding his political option, there are plenty of hypotheses launched on the market. It is to be seen which of these would be confirmed after Basescu speaks out. Yet, the thing that surprises everybody is the former President’s lack of reaction to the political offer made by the Popular Movement Party (PMP) led by Elena Udrea, a party Basescu never hid his fondness for while he was still President, visibly supporting and promoting it, despite of his required impartiality as Head of the State, as the Constitution stipulates the political neutrality of the President during his term. Basescu was a declared supporter of PMP at the Euro elections last summer and, afterwards, passionately supported Elena Udrea in the campaign for the presidential elections of November 2014. Afterwards, Elena Udrea made various public statements at the end of last year, claiming that Basescu demanded an office at the PMP residence, to get installed as soon as he ends his term as Head of the State and that, at the Congress of the party, announced initially for March, Basescu would run for the position of party president. Recently, though, Udrea announced that the Congress was moved to February 18 and hinted that she would not run for the highest position in the party which once more fueled speculations that she provided a path to Basescu for the top position in the party. As far as Basescu was concerned, though, the silence remained unbroken.


Pavelescu: PNT-CD initiated the project of a political platform that could be led by T. Basescu


Aurelian Pavelescu, the president of PNT-CD, announced on Friday evening that he had initiated the project of a political platform that might be led by the former President Traian Basescu himself. “I started the project of a political-civic platform similar to the one initiated by Corneliu Coposu during the 90s, when he created the Democratic Convention. There is a precedent, because this is how the elections of 1996 were won. Traian Basescu took note of this proposal and we will surely establish our next steps in the forthcoming days. This is a political platform built on President Traian Basescu’s ideas. The President may very well be the leader of this platform without being a member of any of the parties or civic organizations included in this platform”, Aurelian Pavelescu declared for Romania TV. “I think that the project could already be developed in March and the immediate objective regards the local elections of 2016. Farmers’ associations, business owners’ associations and other associations ignored by the present big parties. We have a few parties as well: PNT-CD, PMP, ANA”, Pavelescu also mentioned. Traian Basescu has been a member of the Democratic Convention. He was the leader of PD and the Minister of Transportation, the one who set the Government on fire and determined PM Radu Vasile to resign.”


Elena Udrea: I do not know Basescu’s position on this subject


PMP leader Elena Udrea decided to express her disagreement with PNTCD leader Aurelian Pavelescu, who announced that the foundation of a new political platform was decided, due to be led by Traian Basescu. Udrea pointed out that, based on the information she disposed of, Traian Basescu never confirmed his intentions regarding such platform and she was unaware of any discussions between Basescu and Pavelescu on this subject. “I only heard from Mr. Pavelescu this story, that he has proposed Mr. President the idea of a platform. It is true that I had discussed with the members of PNT-CD about the idea of a Christian-Democrat platform, but, as I saw it, it is just a discussion between parties and, obviously, it involves the civil society and many other things, but, at the time being, it was just a discussion I had with PNT-CD leaders. I do not know Mr. President Traian Basescu’s position on this subject”, Elena Udrea declared for stiripesurse.ro. “I do not think that Mr. Basescu approved any of this. I do not think that Mr. President confirmed or got involved in this project. I have no idea. I will talk to Mr. Pavelescu and check whether he talked with the President and what he talked with him”, Udrea outlined.

Nevertheless, Udrea admitted that there were discussions between PMP and PNT-CD about the idea of a Christian-Democrat group in the Parliament, including all independent MPs. “We discussed the idea of a group in the Parliament that would include all independent members of the Parliament or members of parties that did not attend the election and were unable to form a group of their own, as I am. This Parliament group is based on a Christian – Popular doctrine, but is just a discussion at this time, we went no further. This is what I know. If, in the meantime, the members of PNT-CD extended the idea and created a platform, I find it out now, from the media, because Mr. Pavelescu never told me such thing. If Mr. Pavelescu and the members of PNT-CD extended the idea, we will talk as soon as possible but, at the time being, all we talked about was a group in the Parliament. As for the President’s position, I have no idea”, Elena Udrea concluded.


PMP leader: The President is besides the Popular Movement group, he will subscribe when he sees fit


Negrut Clement, secretary general of PMP and Elena Udrea’s possible successor as leader of the party declared for stiripesurse.ro that the last discussions he had had with Traian Basescu occurred last year. “I can only tell you that the President is besides the Popular Movement project. He will subscribe when he sees fit, when, obviously, the party and its political path will be adequate, finally, with what Basescu wishes. The President will join PMP at the right moment and he knows when that moment is due. I wish he joined us yesterday”, Clement declared, as quoted by stiripesurse.ro


Cristian Diaconescu: The President will provide answers on his own soon


Regarding Traian Basescu’s option for PMP or for the Popular Movement Foundation, where President Cristian Diaconescu, Basescu’s former presidential advisor, invited the ex-President ever since the end of the year that passed, Diaconescu declared that the public opinion would find out soon enough the option of the ex-President. “The President will provide answers on his own in the near future”, Basescu’s former presidential advisor declared for Realitatea TV.




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