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August 12, 2022

PM Ponta invites political parties to discuss five major topics

PM Victor Ponta decided to send a letter to PNL leaders Vasile Blaga and Alina Gorghiu, inviting them to discuss five major topics, including the revision of the Constitution, the laws concerning finances and banking under the crisis of the Swiss franc and laws on national safety. Ponta wants to have similar discussions with UDMR and PP-DD as well.

“I think that 2015 should be the year for us to reach consensual decisions, not the year of another battle! As President of PSD and Prime Minister, I propose a letter to the PNL – PDL so that, as soon as possible, we would have a conversation on five essential topics: the revision of the Constitution; the electoral system; the Transport Master Plan; national safety laws; and establish how the Parliament and the Government could intervene in financial and banking laws in order to prevent future crises”, PM Ponta wrote on Monday on his Facebook account.

On Monday, Victor Ponta announced at the beginning of the meeting of the PSD leaders that he would address a letter to PNL leaders inviting them at a meeting as soon as possible dedicated to five topics: the revision of the Constitution, the electoral system, the Transport Master Plan, the national safety laws and the laws on finances and banking, under the context of the CHF crisis.

Regarding national safety, Ponta had mentioned that a discussion was needed regarding national safety laws after the decision of the Constitutional Court (CCR)  regarding the Big Brother Law.

“We discuss in the media and each of us speaks separately. We must all sit down at a table, review the decision of CCR and assume a clear legislative decision”, the Prime Minister explained.

Concerning the necessity of measures determined by the CHF crisis, the PSD leader mentioned that it is to be examined how the Parliament and the Executive could intervene in financial and banking laws to prevent future crises”.

“Now, 75,000 persons who have requested loans in Swiss francs are in distress. Besides what we are able to do for them or not, I want us to establish whether, at legislative level, Romania fulfils all criteria on a European scale so that any other international financial crises would affect Romania’s population as little as possible”, Ponta mentioned.

“If you approve my proposal, I will send this invitation to dialogue and then forward it to the UDMR and PP-DD leadership, from behalf of the governing coalition. If we do not sit down at a table, these topics will remain mere issues of political debate, with no concrete results. 2015 is the year for us to assume decisions consensually, not to start another battle”, the PSD leader concluded.




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