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May 23, 2022

MEP Catalin Ivan: ‘I have never phoned Liviu Dragnea to avoid risk of being expelled from party’

MEP Catalin Ivan states in an interview for ziare.com that he intends to run for president of PSD at the next congress. He also criticised Mircea Geoana’s being expelled from the party as well as Liviu Dragnea’s proposal to reform PSD.


‘Party must not be a shield for an elected official’

Regarding his intention to run for president of PSD, Ivan said he did not like Dragnea’s proposals for the future congress of the party. ‘It is my responsibility that, when I disagree with the proposals made by Liviu Dragnea, by the current leaders, I provide an alternative’, said the MEP who noted that, in his opinion, limiting the number of terms to two is ‘a fundamental error as it prevents the party from building its human resource’. ‘Nowhere in this world are terms limited. In Belgium, a mayor may also be a member of the European Parliament. Responsibility is very big. However, there are control mechanisms. The state institutions can and must check tendering procedures and the distribution of public funds. The accumulation of power exists where the law is not observed. If you cap the umber of terms, you don’t limit corruption unless the rest also changes. A newly-elected mayor would know he has eight years to steal and, if he wants to steal, there is enough time for that. And all we will get is a faster renewal of corrupt people. The debate should be on making Justice stronger, protecting anti-corruption institutions, a more transparent and responsible manner of candidate selection. Those in conflict with the law should not stand for election. Then, they should each answer for their deeds. The party must not be a shield for an elected official’, Catalin Ivan said.

Regarding Liviu Dragnea’s proposal to change the Constitution, the MEP said ‘it will never be adopted as it would restrict a fundamental right. As for the separation of political and administrative offices, he disagrees, because ‘it hurts those who worked the most in the campaign’. Ivan said he was also unhappy with L. Dragnea’s proposal that the county council president should not be allowed to distribute funds anymore. ‘In that case, to quote the president of Olt County Council, why not dissolve county councils altogether?’ he said.


‘I hope Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie return to PSD after spirits have calmed down’


The member of the European Parliament has a different view on the reform of PSD. ‘I believe in making the party stronger in the country. Party organisations must be stronger’, he said. ‘This is where work is, this is where votes come from, and yet decisions mare made elsewhere. Another very important thing is the way in which people are promoted in the party – transparent, on clear and objective criteria, the evaluation of candidates for both elections in 2016’, Ivan added. He also noted he regretted the risk of split of PSD along the fault created by expelling Geoana and Vanghelie. ‘I regret this split which is genuine. When you oust a former party president and an important leader in Bucharest you undertake certain costs, not only image-related. They also enjoy a certain support in the party. I don’t know how big, I have not made an evaluation. I hope Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie come back to PSD after spirits have calmed down. I don’t know what M. Geoana’s fault was. I understand from a recent interview given by Mr. Dragnea that Geoana’s fault was that he phoned him to ask what they should o about the party, a legitimate question. This is why I have never phoned Liviu Dragnea, to avoid the risk of being expelled. If they set up a new party, there will probably be colleagues who will choose to go there’, the MEP said.

In what regards keeping Victor Ponta as Prime Minister of the Government should he be elected as president of PSD, Catalin Ivan said he would agree to that. ‘Keeping the government is a priority to PSD, with Mr. Ponta, of course. Mr. Ponta lost the battle for president, not premier’, the member of the European Parliament said.




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