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August 6, 2021

Mircea Ionescu Quintus: “This Government cannot lead the country until the next elections”

PNL honorary president Mircea Ionescu Quintus declared in an interview for stiripesurse.ro, on the anniversary of 25 years since PNL was reintroduced in the registry of political parties that he was genuinely delighted by Klaus Iohannis, Romania’s first Liberal president, but also by Alina Gorghiu, the first lady president of the party. Also, the senior Liberal takes into account the possibility that, in a few months, PNL “will be determined or, perhaps, condemned to overtake the power”.

“I think that, before overtaking the power, although the present Government is really in a poor shape, it should be repaired a little bit so that it could leave us at least one year so that we could start to consolidate, from the lowest to the highest level. And then, we could give this country a genuine Government we are still preparing, but I do not think that the next Government will necessarily be a Liberal one. It may also be an improved PSD. I am thinking about the Government of the present. This Government cannot lead the country until the next elections, something must happen in their party, in their organization, because they keep trying to do superficial things, 5 per cent and so on, and they think my life has improved if I was given a RON 80 increase in my pension, after 50 years of work.  These measures represent a mockery to people’s needs”, Quintus pointed out. He also said that PNL could overtake the Government “by the end of the year” and declared he was preoccupied especially by the force of the party in the next elections. “As we are at the time being, that leaderships are not unified at all in most countries, you realize our chances in an electoral campaign where two parties with different ideologies share common propaganda as members of one party. If we do not have a unified force, it is not OK”, Quintus declared.


About Iohannis: “I really care about him, I appreciate him!”


As for Romania’s new president Klaus Iohannis, Quintus had little more than words of praise. “I rarely got so close to a man as I got to this man. It means he is a good man, as generally God protected me from getting involved in unappropriate company. I really care about him, I appreciate him and it is a great luck for our country that, at the time being and for the next few years, we will have at the lead of our country a true President that replaces a character I would not like to name anymore. (Iohannis, editor’s note) is a man of facts, a serious man! He is a Romanian citizen of German ethnicity; when he says that one thing must be well done, he does it well. He does not play with words and he speaks less than he must. It is a great chance for our country that the miracle of November 16, 2014 happened”.

About Alina Gorghiu, the Liberal senior declared: “I am genuinely fond of this little girl, she had a great evolution. She grows day by day, we made a daring step (by electing her president of the party, editor’s note), I supported it, nonetheless and I hope that, due to the wisdom she has at a very early age, she will be surrounded by people to give her good advice. I am one of them and she always asks for my opinion, and this honours me. I also told her, when I voted for her, that, as long as I can, I will be beside her and I will advise her so that we can do the best things as the leaders of this party.”




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