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January 17, 2022

President Iohannis postpones state visit to Chisinau, right after the new Moldovan Government is installed

President Klaus Iohannis has decided to postpone his official visit to Chisinau, initially scheduled for January 22-23, until an appropriate moment, right after the new Moldovan Government is installed.

Although rumours in this respect have been circulated insistently in the past days, especially in the press from the Republic of Moldova, that was quoting officials from the Presidential Administration in Chisinau, the official announcement of Romania’s Presidential Administration arrived only on Monday evening,  when a release announcing the visit’s postponement was posted on its website.” Romania’s President  on Monday had a telephone conversation with his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti, at the latter’s initiative, the two having agreed that the conditions for the Romanian head of state’s visit  to Chisinau are not yet met, the visit going to take place ‘right after the new government is installed,’ the Presidential Administration informs.

‘The two heads of state agreed that the conditions in the Republic of Moldova for the state visit of Romania’s President are not met yet, as the visit was initially scheduled for January 22-23. Both high officials said that the election of the Parliament’s leadership and the validation of a government in Chisinau will ensure the conditions for a comprehensive and pragmatic political dialogue, oriented to supporting the European path of the Republic of Moldova. It was agreed that Romania’s President state visit to Chisinau should take place right after the new government is installed,’ shows a  release of Romania’s Presidential Administration.

The telephone conversation was devoted to an assessment of the post-election political context in the Republic of Moldova and to the negotiations for making up a new government, the release points out.

According to the source, Iohannis thanked Timofti for presenting the current political circumstances and reiterated his hope that a powerful, representative government, with a firm European agenda could be voted for ‘at the shortest’ by the new Parliament of Chisinau.

About the reason for postponing the visit, the press in Chisinau , quoted Ion Paduraru, secretary general of the Presidential Administration claiming that in Moldova have not yet completed the negotiations for the ruling coalition. “The Romanian President would have wanted to have substantial discussions with  political partners for the future and the lack of two important state structures, such as Parliament and Government would have prevented these discussions.” “Because there is a risk that these negotiations will not be completed by the visit, Klaus Iohannis has postponed his  visit for the first decade of February, “said Ion Paduraru quoted by the  press from Chisinau.


Klaus Iohannis visited R .of Moldova immediately after winning the elections


President Iohannis visited Moldova, the first visit  abroad after winning elections in Romania, even on the last day of the election campaign in the neighboring country, giving thus a strong signal of  Bucharest ‘s unchanged interest to strengthen the special relationship with Chisinau.  The visit took place at the invitation of PLDM  leader Vlad Filat, from the same European political family with the political forces that supported him on winning the presidency: EPP. On that occasion, the Romanian President had a meeting with Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti (photo).



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