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May 25, 2022

“Plotting” emergence of new right-wing political party, Daniel Fenechiu starts collection of signatures

Daniel Fenechiu, the former leader of PPDD MPs within the Lower Chamber, is preparing, alongside several of his PPDD colleagues, to set up a new right-wing party. The lawyer stated in an interview for stiripesurse.ro that the collection of signatures for the National Democratic Party will start next week, the party seeking to be “a party for people.”

He stated that this will be “a new party, with new people, competent and honest. An alternative to the current political class.” In his opinion, at this moment the parties’ doctrines are only theoretical. “Even Premier Ponta came up with a lot of right-wing measures; while on the other hand, in the so-called right-wing parties we can find a plethora of left-wing measures. At the same time, we can note that the significant periods of progress and prosperity in Romania’s history are closely connected with right-wing and centre-right parties, a doctrine we too will adopt. Moreover, I consider that in the current European and global context initiative and honest competition are the only behaviors capable of generating prosperity, development and can push the world forward. Waiting for benefits from the state will never solve the problem, and future generations will pay the debts generated by the government officials’ incompetence and corruption. Who has worked a lifetime should receive the pension deserved, who has a problem should be supported by the state, but those who can work will have to get to work,” Fenechiu stated.


“There is interest from some Parliamentary colleagues elected on the lists of other parties too”


Concerning the membership of the new party, the lawyer stated that it will not be “a party of MPs – as I see Mr. Geoana and Mr. Vanghelie have planned – but a party of people.”

He stated that he has discussed with MPs close to him, many of them elected on PPDD’s lists. “I noticed there is interest from Parliamentary colleagues elected on the lists of other parties too, there are even talks in this sense, however I cannot tell you more at this moment… What I can tell you however is that I am not alone,” Fenechiu pointed out, also divulging the fact that the new party will be called the National Democratic Party. Likewise, he stated that the collection of signatures will start next week and it relies on “a minimum of 2-3 people in each locality.”

Fenechiu will be president of the National Democratic Party until the first congress. In what concerns the intentions to set up new parties, intentions expressed by Monica Macovei, Mircea Geoana, Sebastian Ghita or Nicusor Dan, the lawyer pointed out that the procedure is hindered deliberately. “Unfortunately, in Romania the constitutional principle of free association is hindered by a restrictive law passed by the large parties in order to nip in the bud any attempt to diminish their political monopoly and, hence, to change something in politics,” he said.



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