Sebastian Ghita makes premiere announcements on his new party : Progress Romania Party, 1 March target date for registration

The independent MP Sebastian Ghita, former PSD member, disclosed on Tuesday, in exclusivity for DCNews, the name of the party he would set up and the date when it should become reality.

‘We have started a survey on Facebook. There have been several focus-groups and a series of surveys. Today, the word ‘progress’ is in pole-position to become part of the name of a structure and for collecting signatures. So my proposal for the new structure will be to steer it in the direction of what we now call ‘progressism’, Sebastian Ghita said on DCNews Live.

‘Practically UNPR’s competitors, at least as a name’, the journalist Vlad Valcu intervened.

‘No! Practically what I am saying – and anyway we should explain once and for all this thing about progressism and bring it up as a theme – is that PSD, PNL and even UDMR are conservative structures. In 25 years I haven’t seen any of these people want change, even if they claim it, want a better society, even if they each claim that in the election campaigns, come up with a reform programme, nothing except <let’s sell and scrap what Ceausescu built!> Actually, they are conservatives as far as I am concerned, they defend a social and economic order with an administrative organisation and organisation of the administration built in the 1950s, things we have kept, defended and supported.

And I have not seen anyone who, winning elations, coming to power – no matter how long they were to power, two years, four years – they just said: <We will do something new, we will make headway, we will grow, we will develop ourselves>. They have simply defended tooth and nail what they had in Romania in terms of systems and structures, and this is why I think that a new political force ought to come with a different type of message and programme which should indicate in a very simple way the direction to change’, the MP continued.


Progress Romania Party (PPR)


Sebastian Ghita made a premiere announcement on DCNews that his party would be allied ‘Progress Romania’

‘It will probably take us a month to collect 25,000 signatures. 1 March is a target date for submitting the signatures and statute to the court. We will try to bring more than 25,000 signatures, which would give us the right to hope that, in 2016, after we have convinced a few doctors and teachers, a few multinational employees and a few Romanian capitalists to join us, when we have put some ideas on the market, at that point we are able to get 5% and enter the Parliament’, the former Social Democrat added.

Sebastian Ghita said that the 2016 parliamentary election would be the first election when he hoped the vote received by his party would truly make a change. He also noted that he would not be the president of the party he was going to found.

‘The first time we will have a chance to do something will be in 2016, because early elections are impossible to organise in Romania. In 2016, if we manage to get 5% in the parliamentary election, we are talking about 300,000 – 500,000 votes.

(…) I would be happy to be able to convince more people. It is not up to me. I will not be the president of the party. I don’t want it to be a party tied to me. The idea is to find personalities, people who have more to say in the society and who can represent us, whom we should convince: <Guys, come and join us on our lists!> or <We would like to support you to become minister there> and take responsibility for that particular sector. I don’t want it to be Ghita’s party’, the independent MP said on DCNews Live.

‘I can be in a team. IO don’t think this structure will have 30% in the first election, but I think it will be in Parliament and, after that, together with other political entities that want to move things forward, we can become allies and support certain personalities, even in the presidential election’, Sebastian Ghita explained.


We expect of Iohannis things he should push into the society


Asked to state his opinion on President Klaus Iohannis, S. Ghita answered: ‘Difficult question’. ‘I can’t answer, it’s not that I’m avoiding an answer. I am not, but I don’t think that today I have enough information on his personality, on the ideas he defends, supports and proposes to the society. I am convinced that now, together with his advisors, he is working on a programme, a roadmap, as he enjoys a lot of trust. We like it or not, we are in this political configuration, he is the president of the country and we expect things he should push into the society’, Sebastian Ghita said on DC News Live.


In Romania we are upside down, PSD has taken most right-wing measures


‘Today, in Romania we are upside down. PSD is the party that, in the last 20 years, has taken most right-wing measures, and Victor Ponta – I have said this before – in my opinion has been one of the most liberal, pro-business, pro-entrepreneurship prime minister. Do not forget that, a few months ago, PSD and the Government cu the social security contribution, although a left-wing party would have normally approached people directly through measures such as reducing VAT. The Liberals are those famous gentlemen who, together with Mr. Tariceanu, doubled wages and, today, Alina Gorghiu explains to us what the personal insolvency law should look like, things that are left-wing measures. Today, in Romania, PNL is a deeply left-wing and populist party and PSD is a deeply right-wing party’, Sebastian Ghita said on DC News Live.





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