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January 23, 2022

Geoana: The main project is turning PSD into a new PSD

After he kept coming out in public for the last few weeks with statements regarding the foundation of the “new PSD”, Senator Mircea Geoana seems uninterested in founding a new party at the time being, and focused on a new wish: reforming the present PSD. At least, this is the conclusion of a recent interview granted by Geoana to the TV station B1. Yet the question all political analysts keep asking is why Geoana did not reform the party while he was the President of PSD and had basically all instruments and tools at hand to do an ample restructuring from the bases. The earlier this reform would have been made, the greater benefits it would have brought PSD.

“It is absolutely obvious that PSD needs a radical reform, an ideologic renewal. When I discussed the new PSD, this is the project I am about to propose next week, first of all to PSD: a group of initiative. This new PSD is a project of complete transformation of the present PSD into a modern and competitive party. I think that, at the time being, PSD needs a new beginning”, Mircea Geoana declared.

“The main project is the new PSD and turning PSD into a new PSD keeping the good things of the present parties and changing the things that are not working. Every manager has a backup plan. If my colleagues want to stay with Ponta and Dragnea, we will be forced to follow a backup plan. The first version is the new PSD we are offering our party. I want to do my duty to the party I have led. This project will be proposed for public discussions for the Congress of the party. My estimation is that this Congress will take place in March”, the former Social-Democrat declared for the show “The Last Word” on B1TV, a show produced by Catalin Striblea.



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