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January 27, 2023

MEP Ivan: Due to the shock caused by losing the elections, they try to turn PSD into some kind of a sect

MEP Catalin Ivan declared on Tuesday evening, in an intervention for Realitatea TV, in the show “Power Games” that, at the time the elimination of Mircea Geoana, Dan Sova and Marian Vanghelie of the party was decided, Victor Ponta had submitted a resignation. Social-Democrats decided though, at that time, that the Prime Minister would remain the interim leader of the party until the Congress.

“It is obvious that what happened in the Diaspora affected the result of the elections. (…) A failure is accepted as such anywhere in this world. You cannot lose the elections and then come up with a project of reform. I do not believe that Dragnea, who has been leading the party for seven years, can come up now with something innovative, something to change the party completely now. I do not think that the party should be changed completely. We just need to enforce our territorial structures. We need very powerful leaders in the territory”, Catalin Ivan declared for Realitatea TV.

“Lately, perhaps due to the shock caused by losing the elections, I have the feeling that they are trying to turn PSD into some kind of a sect: you are not allowed to argue against the leaders of the party, you cannot have another project than the one of the party leadership, which is completely unhealthy, both for the party and for democracy in Romania”, Ivan explained.

“It was a forced decision at that time. It was a difficult moment, Ponta had submitted his resignation and we insisted that he should stay and lead the party as he had an interim term until the Congress, because we were discussing a Congress that was to come really soon. The party did not invite back (Victor Ponta, editor’s note), they merely decided that, until the Congress, there was no point in creating convulsions inside the party, as the situation was terribly complicated already, that this interim leadership should go on until the Congress and no longer than that and no radical changes should be made until that moments. At the Congress, we were supposed to present several project and see where the party should go” Catalin Ivan declared, being asked whether the party reacted to the eliminations of Sova, Geoana and Vanghelie, applied at the end of November, last year.


“I am a free person, nobody turns my key off, I will run for president”


Asked whether he intends to submit his candidacy at the Congress in March, were it to be organized, Ivan replied: “I am a free person, nobody manipulates me on strings, nobody turns my key off; nonetheless, I have an obligation to this party. If Liviu Dragnea insists to cling to his chair and adopt obnoxious measures, I have the obligation to the party, me and my colleagues, to come up with a different version. Democratically, at the Congress, we will support our platform and Dragnea will support his. (…) I will certainly run for president at the Congress. I had discussions with several colleagues who are supporting me. If a better option shows up until the Congress, I have no problem to support somebody else. I do not want to get there today, this year, I have my entire career ahead, but neither do I want to allow Dragnea reduce this party to 5 per cent, the votes achieved by Macovei”.

Invited to comment on Radu Mazare’s declaration, who demanded Victor Ponta’s resignation as leader of PSD, Ivan declared: “It is a correct declaration. The county organizations in the territory did a great job. They achieved outstanding mobilization. They cannot be blamed for the terrible mistakes made by the central leadership especially in the second round of elections.”


Radu Mazăre attacks Victor Ponta: ‘He should resign as president of PSD’


Constanta Mayor Radu Mazare said on Tuesday  that, ‘normally and honourably’, Victor Ponta should resign as president of PSD after his defeat in the presidential election.

‘There is, indeed, a state of dissatisfaction (in PSD – a/n), there are discussions on how the party is being managed at a national level in this post-election period. If you ask me – and I am annoyed about being blamed for Ponta’s failure or for Dragnea’s failure. If I lost election for mayor, the next day I would resign and in no way I would blame heads of small local organisations for my defeat’, Mazare said at the Court of Appeal in Bucharest, before his trial pending in that court, answering a question about what he believed regarding the rumoured defections from PSD.

Asked if Victor Ponta should resign as president of the Social Democratic Party, Radu Mazare said ‘normally and honourably speaking, yes, he should’.


‘Politics and justice should not be mixed’


Asked which ‘side’ he would choose, Mazare said: ‘I don’t know yet, I have not made a decision, I am talking to my friends and colleagues. As you know, we are a very close team in Constanta, we demonstrate solidarity among each other, and I don’t make decisions as I please. I talk to people to see what they each want and, when we have a final opinion, we can all discuss that’.

The mayor of Constanta stressed that he had not yet talked to either Marian Vanghelie or Mircea Geoana about joining their party.

‘MPs might leave for that party. Anyway, things are not exactly right. I mean I don’t find it normal to blame other people when you have been defeated in election’, Radu Mazare said.

On the fact that Marian Vanghelie testified at DNA in the case of the Diaspora vote against Liviu Dragnea, the mayor of Constanta said ‘politics and justice and prosecutors should not be mixed, we should not use prosecutors and criminal cases for getting rid of political opponents’.




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