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January 23, 2022

Vanghelie: Ponta would postpone the Congress until 2200, if he could

The Mayor of District 5 in Bucharest, Marian Vanghelie, former Vice-President of PSD, expelled from the party in November together with Mircea Geoana and Dan Sova, declared on Tuesday evening at the show “Power Games”, hosted by Rares Bogdan, that PSD leader Victor Ponta would certainly postpone the Congress of the party “until 2200, if he could”, and that the members of the party could only dismiss them as a leader if they went on a public strike. Vanghelie also outlined the fact that “what happens and the grotesque manner imposed by Victor Ponta are unbelievable” and that “the demagogic game will lead PSD to their peril”.


The demagogic game will lead PSD to their peril

“Today, a paradox takes place: leaders of county branches are demanded to quit their political position. (…) Today, if you want to speak up at a PSD meeting, you need courage. Few people have courage. Today, Mazare has made a few statements and has realized that things cannot go on like this any more. Marian Oprisan starts to come out with a few things. Catalin Ivan was not in the “heavyweight” category supposed to speak up. (…) How can anyone come to Mazare or to Oprisan, to tell them what is the political dimension at the level of their country and what needs to be done? It is quite wrong. We wish to boycott these leaders. (…) The mistake of the party was that they appointed him both party chairman and prime minister. His word plays and demagogic game will lead PSD to their peril. I do not think they will work. Today, two guys spoke up. (…) I am confident that there are many members of the Parliament who had had enough”, Vanghelie declared.


PSD will not go on this way for long


In Vanghelie’s vision, PSD will not be able to continue its activity in its present formula.

“What happens and the grotesque manner imposed by Victor Ponta are unbelievable. He is like this, he has no limits, and everybody in the party is gossiping. (…) If Victor Ponta were to win, were would we be now? I am frightened to think about it. This is not PSD, this is not the PSD I have known. I frankly tell you that it will not go on like this for long. Today, there were two important leaders, from Constanta and Vrancea (to speak up, editor’s note). What will he do when everybody who is thinking, at least ten or fifteen, will publicly come out? (…) What will Victor do if 5,000 people gather at the headquarters in Kiseleff, all of them furious members of the party? I am telling the members of PSD: you can only get rid of Victor Ponta if you start a public strike. He will postpone the Congress until 2200, if he can”, the Mayor of District 5 furiously added.

On the other hand, Vanghelie declared that “there is no ground for comparison between Traian Basescu and Victor Ponta”.

“Ponta and Dragnea realize that they cannot come out in a hall, even if they brought their wives along. (…) I never saw Victor Ponta in Bucharest, during his campaign, because he is afraid by people of Bucharest. He has issues everywhere. He thought that he can win the elections merely by being a PSD candidate and by yelling all day at Traian Basescu. Here, it did not work. (…) I was no fan of Basescu, but there is no ground for comparison between Traian Basescu and Victor Ponta. (…) I am sorry that I have to say these things”, Vanghelie declared.




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