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March 6, 2021

ANM issues forecast for heavy rainfalls, snowfalls and strong wind starting Friday evening

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) on Friday issued a weather forecast of heavy rainfall, sleet, snowfall and strong wind, for this evening, starting 6 pm, local time, until Sunday morning.

According to the meteorologists, precipitations will hit the entire country starting January 23, 6 pm, to last until January 25, 10 am, Romania’s time.

During the night between Saturday and Sunday (January 24/25), precipitations such as sleet and snowfall will hit the largest part of Moldavia, parts of Transylvania and some other small areas in the rest.

More abundant precipitations will hit Banat and Oltenia regions, quantities being expected to 15-20 l/sq m and even 30-40 l/sq m in some remote hilly and mountainous areas.

Moreover, a thick layer of snow will form in the Eastern Carpathians and in the Banat Mountains, with the wind gusts to intensify up to 70-80 km/h, storming and scattering the snow.

Temporary and locally, the wind gusts will reach up to 45-55 km/h and even up to 55-65 km/h, including in the southern and central regions.

ANM specified that, on Sunday, January 25, and during the night between Sunday and Monday (January 25/26), there will be snowfalls in the mountains, while there will be mixed precipitations in the rest of the territory. Moreover, precipitations will reach up to 10 l/sq m in the southern and eastern regions.


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