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January 26, 2022

CCR President denounces pressures on the Court related to the ruling on the Big Brother law

Constitutional Court (CCR) President Augustin Zegrean asks the state institutions and the politicians to refrain from commenting on the Court and threatening it.

He explained on Thursday that serious accusations against the CCR have occurred lately, especially since last summer, when the Court began ruling on the so-called Big Brother Law; even representatives of state institutions and members of the Parliament launched such attacks on those three decisions, he said.

Zegrean reminded that the judges of the Court have sworn to observe the Constitution and the laws, and they check the constitutionality of every new law.

‘Of course we too want peace in the country and the country to be safe, and those cyber circuits operating securely and without fear looming over the users; what we have asked, however, and what we are still asking through our rulings is sufficient legal guarantees for the users and for the people about not breaching the constitutional provisions. This is all we ask,’ the chair of the Constitutional Court of Romania asserted.

He also pointed out that when a law is pronounced unconstitutional, the Parliament or the Government, as the case may be, have to adjust it to the CCR ruling.

He insisted on his wish for ‘loyal and fair’ relations between the state institutions.


Chamber Speaker: Prepaid SIM cards, cyber-security laws are urgent for national security structures


The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea on Thursday said that the prepaid SIM cards law and the cybersecurity law are important and urgent for national security structures.
“The two laws are essential for the institutions to be able to react preventively in order to ensure for us maximum security, so we may enjoy the fundamental freedoms. The prepaid SIM cards law and the cybersecurity law are important and urgent for the national security structures. I’m for maximum security, but also for keeping the fundamental liberties. I cannot overlook what is happening at the moment in Europe or in our eastern vicinity and not work as an MP to provide all the instruments these institutions request in order to ensure my security,” said Zgonea at public television broadcaster TVR, quoted by Agerpres.

He added that security for each citizen and each community is foremost if prosperity is sought and it must be taken into account that there are certain laws that pertain to national security that issue instruments to institutions qualified by law to deal with the security and safety of citizens.



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