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December 1, 2021

Geoana: The central project is to reconquer PSD, plan B is to create a new political group

Mircea Geoana promises Liberals that he would help them defeat the Ponta Government, but on one major condition: if President Klaus Iohannis is willing to create a German pattern coalition between the new PNL and the new PSD. After being expelled from PSD, Geoana’s central plan is not to found a new party, but to propose a political platform and run for president at the PSD Congress. The former Social-Democrat leader mentioned that, besides other colleagues, he would attend the PSD Congress in person, in order to overtake the power in the party again. Geoana’s prediction is that the Ponta Government will fall until April, and Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea will no longer have any positions at the Victoria Palace at the time of the PSD Congress.

Eliminated from PSD at the proposal of Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea, Mircea Geoana declared for Gandul Live that he intended to attend the party Congress with a political platform that will remove the present leadership. Geoana outlined that he would be “present in person” at the future Congress of the party considering that his expulsion as “legally void”. Moreover, he talked about a change of name, logo and symbols after he overtook the power in PSD.

Mircea Geoana’s B plan is to found a new political group in partnership with Marian Vanghelie. The Senator avoided to provide further details about this plan, declaring for Gandul Live that his top priority was regaining PSD.

Nonetheless, the Senator declared that he had already started discussions with PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu, destined to form a new majority in the Parliament, based on the new PNL and the new PSD.

Geoana’s offer for Liberals is powerful support in the Parliament from behalf of PSD and PPDD Deputies and Senators, in return for co-opting Social Democrats in the Government. Mircea Geoana warned Liberals that he “would not blindly vote for  the censure motion”, and that he was to support it only if President Klaus Iohannis was willing to make a German pattern coalition between the new PSD and the new PNL.


Geoana: I will submit my candidacy at the PSD Congress


“I will propose the party a political project for Romania from a genuine right-wing perspective. PSD is in a critical situation. I will propose a platform for the PSD Congress and I will surely gather many colleagues, and I am sure our initiative will win. I want us to be there at the Congress, I will be there in person and I will submit my candidacy beside other colleagues, but it is not my purpose in life to become a lifetime president of PSD or of the new PSD. Yes, I will be there at the Congress!”, Mircea Geoana outpointed exclusively for Gandul Live.

He challenged his elimination from the party, claiming that Ponta and Dragnea cannot close the doors of the Congress to forbid him to attend it.

“You cannot close the door in the face of 400,000 party members, the Congress is the supreme forum, anything may be decided in a congress”, Geoana declared.

The Senator stated that President Klaus Iohannis, as well as the members of PNL issued warning signals regarding the change of the present Government majority”.

“I offer PSD solid governing besides PNL until 2020” is the offer made by Geoana to the members of the party, demanding them to support him at the Congress in return. He mentioned that Ponta was fully responsible for the failure at the Presidential elections and neither “the barons” nor Ion Iliescu are to blame.


Iohannis should accept a German pattern coalition


Mircea Geoana had  a message for the members of PNL as well, making it clear that they cannot count on his support if they do not accept PSD as a partner in the Government.

“Nobody is unsure about the censure motion, there are enough people to provide critical mass, but I do not want to be a new Gabriel Oprea or Tariceanu. I never accept mediocre solutions, I do not want to be irrelevant in the great array of PNL. If the President is willing to make a grand German pattern coalition, I am telling you that there will not be 30, 40 or 50 members of the Parliament, but a major part of the present majority”, Geoana described his contribution to the change of the Ponta Government.

He repeated the idea that he did not intend to follow PNL “blindly”, but following negotiations related to the forthcoming structure of the Government.

“When conditions are reunited, we may start this operation, we will not enter it blindly without knowing what we are replacing the things with. Our interlocutors are to consider whether this is a reasonable proposal, as PNL has no interest in having a modest majority either”, Mircea Geoana declared for Gandul Live


Geoana detaches himself from Vanghelie


Although Mircea Geoana and Vanghelie seemed to have established a pact, the former President of PSD disagreed with the Mayor of District 5, who had demanded the members of PSD to come and start a strike of thousands of people on Kiseleff Street, to determine Victor Ponta to leave the top position in the party.

“Numerous colleagues of the party came to me and I told them that PSD was no Bastille. Vanghelie proposed that the people in the party invade the headquarters. The Congress must be won democratically, not by means of rioting people”, Geoana pointed out.

He transmitted Vanghelie that he should change his manner of making politics and that he should accept a code of political conduct.





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