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December 3, 2021

President Iohannis calls new consultations with the political parties on the Electoral Code on Wednesday

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday evening said he invited political parties to come to consultations ‘in one of the following days’ to tell him how they see the best direction towards change, pointing out that the state only functions if its institutions function.

‘The state functions provided that all its institutions are not only in place, but also functioning well. This cannot be solved easily, but I believe that there are many politicians who already want that. I have invited the parties to come to consultations on this topic in one of the following days. I want to discuss to see where there is a need to intervene, what their proposals for new legislative packages are and what they believe the priorities are,’ Iohannis told Realitatea TV private television broadcaster in his first live televised interview since taking over the presidential mandate.

The head of state gave Parliament as an example of discussion topic: ‘If we want a smaller and more efficient Parliament, I believe we should work on the Electoral Code to have an impact on the local elections of 2016, which we also need to organize of such manner that people should feel represented by their local elected officials,’ said Klaus Iohannis.

The President showed that, if at the end of these negotiations a majority viewpoint is reached and it is turned into a law solving certain problems, this would mean that everything is going in the right direction. ‘It is not the President who should come and say: ‘You, MPs, go and make this system.’ We had this situation and it didn’t work. That is why I want to invite the parties to an authentic dialogue, not with me telling them what to do, but with them telling me their best solution for a change, obviously for the better. After this round of negotiations, we will definitely be able to draw some conclusions and, if such an idea arises and is agreed by several groups, it means that we are on the right path to a majority opinion. Then, if this majority opinion leads to an improvement of things, it means that we are heading the right direction to a legislative change that will solve certain problems,’ the head of the state explained.

Iohannis also explained that a democratic state only functions if the citizens trust the fundamental institutions: Parliament, Government and Presidency. He showed that all these three institutions must be functional.

‘Over the past years there were times when one or the other of these fundamental institutions tended to increase very much their good imagine, while others remained in the shadow, enjoying very little trust. This won’t do,’ the President concluded.


All parties invited, except PLR and PMP


According to a release published on Friday on the website of the Presidential Administration, the consultations were called for next Wednesday, organizing of the vote process abroad, financing the electoral campaigns and the political parties and speeding up the procedures for lifting the parliamentary immunity are the main topics to be addressed during the meetings of the President with the parliamentary political parties. Similar with the previous consultations hosted by the President, when the consensus on increasing the defence budget was reached, all the parties were invited, except Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s Liberal Reformist Party (PLR) and Elena Udrea’s Popular Movement Party (PMP).


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