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December 3, 2021

MEP Catalin Ivan: Eliminations from PSD, forced and unfair

MEP Catalin Ivan said on Thursday that the eliminations of people from PSD had been forced and unfair and that, in his opinion, the election Congress of the party would have a healthy and real debate with as many ideas, programmes and projects as possible.

‘I stated my position already when the decision was made and I wouldn’t want to insist, but the decision to expel the three (Mircea Geoana, Marian Vanghelie and Dan Sova in November 2014 – a/n) was a forced and unfair one. Ahead of the elections, it s preferable, or at least this is how I see it, given the difficult moment the party is living, to have a debate with as many ideas, projects and programmes as possible’, Ivan said, asked to comment on the announcement made by Mircea Geoana that he would run at the PSD Congress within a programme, although he had been expelled.

Ivan said in his statement to Mediafax that there are many people ‘with experience and vision’ in PSD, who wanted the best for the party and who could contribute solutions to a ‘healthy and real’ debate in the party.

‘Any idea, any programme, any project leading to the party winning elections in 2016 is welcome. I do not mean just Mircea Geoana, I encourage all colleagues in the party to contribute to finding a solution’, Ivan said.

He added that he would propose to the Executive Committee a ‘head to tail’, with solutions in all fields.

‘I am going to propose a head to tail project with solutions in all fields – domestic, international, foreign – what we, those working on this project, believe the party should look like after the Congress in April – I suspect there will be a Congress – so that it has a real chance to win elections in 2016. It is a project on which I have been working together with highly experienced party members, but also with promising young people with a future, who will be on the future party leadership structures’, Ivan also said.

‘I don’t think there is a member who possesses the absolute truth. All good ideas must be collected from everywhere and a reliable project needs to be built, for this party is genuinely having a difficult time’, Ivan concluded.

Senator Mircea Geoana said on Gandul Live on Wednesday that he intended to propose a programme for the PSD Congress and run alongside other colleagues for party leadership. He also said that, if the current leaders continued to be at the top of the party, he would have the ‘obligation to start the new PSD as a new project’.



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