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January 25, 2022

President Iohannis warns that corruption is holding the country back, represents a threat to national security

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday evening said that Romania has ‘a huge potential,’ but corruption, ‘among others,’ is holding the country back and represents a threat to national security.

‘Corruption is a threat to national security. Full stop. (…) I will eliminate the threats where they can be eliminated and, consequently, I shall very much encourage the fight against corruption. (…) At the end of my mandate, when I prepare my leaving this office, I want us to be able to say that in Romania there are one or two isolated cases of corruption, but the almost generalised corruption has gone. It is a thing I want and an objective I have set. It is clear that Romania has a huge potential, growth potential, development potential, smart people, visionary people, but, among others, corruption is holding us back. In conclusion, we must get rid of corruption, but of the corrupt, in the first place,’ Iohannis told Realitatea TV “Power Games “ show that on Thursday evening was lively broadcast from the Cotroceni Palace with Rares Bogdan interviewing the president.
He said that, as president, he would always encourage those fighting against corruption.

Regarding the political class reform, the head of state showed that the parties must undergo a reform process, as electors have shown they want a different kind of politics.

‘The parties have understood, some more, others less, that a reform of the political class is needed, a reform of the political class is done in parties, starting with the interior of the parties. We have good enough signs,’ Klaus Iohannis added.


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