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January 28, 2021

Traian Basescu: Case dismissal in ‘Flota’ file

In the ‘Flota’ file, due to impunity provided in the Romanian Constitution, through the October 19 2006 Resolution, the criminal prosecution was suspended, according to National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), quoted by Agerpres.

Subsequently, following the suspension of the criminal prosecution, which occurred on December 21 2014, through the Gov’t Order of January 12 2015, the criminal prosecution was resumed.

By the Prosecutor’s Order of January 21 2015, the case against Traian Basescu was dismissed as regards the abuse in office with particularly serious consequences in repeated, forgery and embezzlement through repeated, since the facts do not exist.

According to the DNA, as regards the abuse in office retained in case of Traian Basescu, one found that this offence doesn’t exist, since through exercising the decision functions with the Transport Ministry over 1990-1992 and 1996-2000, “he didn’t make and didn’t determine any prejudice to the CNM Petromin SA Constanta patrimony, and this because the ships in case were sold in accordance with legal approvals given by the State Property Fund (FPS) – the majority stakeholder of CNM Petromin SA within the privatisation process initiated by Romania’s Government.”

“The 16 ships which were in management agreements with the Klaveness group remained in the property of CNM Petromin S.A (with a right to dispose upon) until 1999-2000, when they were sold at auction. The money resulted from the 16 ships’ sell-off reached 63,134,735 USD. The decision to selling the 16 ships did not belong to the Transport Ministry, but to the FPS and the AGA (Stakeholders General Assembly) with the CNM Petromin SA, since the FPS and not the Transport Ministry was the CNM Petromin SA majority stakeholder. Besides, the CNM Petromin SA, as a joint stock company in the naval transports on December 31 1992, has had debts counting for 14,770,000 USD,” the DNA also says.


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