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March 21, 2023

E-Librarian, a step further to turn the public libraries into active spaces that fully benefit of digital technology

Ten public libraries entered the ‘E-Librarian. Skills for Modern Librarians’ project of the National Associations of Librarians and Public Libraries of Romania (ANBPR) in a partnership with ECDL Romania.

A media release of ECDL Romania informed Agerpres  that public librarians are welcome to apply to the ECDL Profile created for them; they can certify their digital competencies according to an international standard, ‘thus successfully joining the natural direction of redefining libraries as active spaces that fully benefit of digital technology.’

The e-Librarian project aims at developing digital competencies for 1000 librarians and auxiliary staff of the ANBPR network.

‘The present need for information and for increasing the level of technology use substantially modifies the traditional model of public library services. Actually, the libraries are working to become complex information centres, permanent education centres. By upgrading the competencies of library staff in using IT&C means, ANBPR and ECDL Romania wish to contribute to the update and modernization of the offer of public services and to repositioning librarians in their relation with users,’ the quoted document mentions.

According to the same source, a customized ECDL profile of competencies ‘turns a modern librarian from a simple information administrator into a qualified mediator between information and wide categories of users, in the direct interest of the public and of the whole society.

The European Computer Driving Licence – ECDL is the widest programme of certification of digital competencies acknowledged on an international level, in 150 countries; it enlisted so far 13 million people. Outside Europe, this certification is known as ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence).

ECDL Romania is the national operator of the ECDL license in the country. Its network includes 700 accredited training and testing centres throughout Romania, the release points out.


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