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April 12, 2021

Together in Iasi to celebrate the Small Union, President and Prime Minister praise the contribution of visionary ancestors who made the unification to the modern course of the today’s Romania

President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Saturday participated in the events organised on the occasion of celebrating the Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities, in Iasi. The mayors of Chisinau and Cernauti also attended the festivities hosted by Iasi.

The historic moment of the Union of the Romanian Principalities was achieved on January 24, 1859 by the Deputies’ Assembly in Bucharest, in a building belonging to the Church, located on the Metropolitan See Hill, where the Patriarchal Palace lies today.

The 1859 Union was a first important stage in the achievement of the Romanian national unitary state.

The Union was accomplished when Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected prince of Wallachia on January 24, after he had been elected prince of Moldavia on January 5.


President Iohannis: The power of solidarity, the most important lesson we should learn from the event 156 years ago”


Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday stated in Iasi, while taking part in the manifestations occasioned by the 156th anniversary since the unification of the Romanian Principalities, that the power of solidarity “is the most important lesson that we should learn from the event 156 years ago.”

“My dear Romanians, while thinking of our ancestors and of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, under whose rule the Union was achieved, that, in my opinion, the most important lesson that we should learn from the event 156 years ago is the power of solidarity and the ability to build a consensus based on a national ideal. Of course, back then too, there were some voices who claimed that Moldova was sacrificed and for a long time people still didn’t cope with this idea. However, looking back, we are able to say now, without worrying the least bit that we could be wrong, that the idea of consensus precisely means the power and ability to give up private interests in order to built greater projects,” the President said in his speech.

The head of the state showed that, the same as it happened a century and a half ago, the political class today also needs “to rise to the height of ideals the Romanian nation still longs for.”

“Unity and solidarity require responsibility first. From everyone of us, but especially from the political class. from those who were elected to represent the interests and meet the aspirations of this nation. Responsibility is a word which meaning we should rediscover. Not only in the political vocabulary, but as a foundation for our decisions and actions,” said Iohannis.

The head of state reminded that modernisation and westernisation aid at the grounds of the union, with our ancestors having connected the Principalities to the European modernity through internal reforms and foreign affairs.

“They failed too, of course, in certain aspects. Giving up centralisation is still a problem of Romanian society until today that we have to address with calm, wisdom and while not dragging the matter too much. The principle of devolution was approved including in the ad-hoc assemblies, but it has never been put into practice,” said the Romanian President.

He ended his speech by wishing  all Romanians to regard this day “with joy, trust in their own forces and in Romania.”

“We are in Iasi, the biggest city at the Eastern border of the European Union. Only 150 kilometres from here, on the other bank of the Prut River, there are our brothers from the Republic of Moldova. Our thoughts are also with them, for we remain connected not only through our common history, but also through our aspirations. Not only the past and its inheritance we share, but also the future, in the sense of our belonging to the common European space. I wish all Romanians to regard this day with joy, trust in their own forces and in Romania!,” said the head of the state.


PM Ponta: Disunity is the only enemy of the Romanian people


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Saturday, in his speech held in the Union Square in Iasi on the occasion of the Romanian Principalities Union Day, said that “disunity is the only enemy” of the Romanian people.

“I wish you all that, not just on January 24 and December 1, but in every day of the year too, remember that we are more powerful when staying united and that disunity is our only enemy,” said Ponta.

Moreover, the head of the state wanted to pay an homage to Iasi and Moldova, “to those who more than 150 years ago and ever since have sacrificed their local interests for the idea of unity.”

“The fact that this year, for the first time, the Romanian Parliament has recognized by law the day of January 24 as a national celebration represents just one of the moral compensations that Iasi and Moldova deserve and I believe that the debt of Bucharest, and of the rest of the country as well, to them, is still far from being paid,” said Victor Ponta.

In the end of the manifestations dedicated to the Romanian Principalities Union Day, the Prime Minister laid a wreath at the statue of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza in the Union Square in Iasi.


Only united we are strong


“In 1859, in Iasi, a generation of visionary politicians has achieved an important step towards the unification of all Romanian provinces. The history of the country was heading towards modernity and European values. 156 years later, Romania is an EU country with full rights and Romanians travel and work everywhere. Let’s be with confidence in the present, wherever we are, a nation of union and a people of unity in the name of the only project that gives us identity and is called Romania, “said President Klaus Iohannis, in the video message posted on his Facebook page on Saturday morning, before attending the festivities.  In the text accompanying his video message, he also shows that the Romanian Principalities Unification Day, a symbolic moment in the history of Romania,  “reminds  us how important are the solidarity and unity of the people”.

“Today, at the celebration of 156 years since the Union of Romanian Principalities under a Ruler – Alexandru Ioan Cuza, I want to convey one simple message – division has always been the great enemy of Romanians / only united we are strong and we can assure our children a better future. Blessed are those who love and fight for union, wicked are those who today enjoy to divide and promote strife and war between Romanians and Romanians. I trust that united we will be strong, ” Victor Ponta in turn wrote on Facebook on Saturday morning before taking part in the festivities.




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