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October 22, 2021

PNL’s proposals for the consultations from Cotroceni Palace: less MPs, introduction of the vote-by-mail system

At the upcoming consultations on election law with the head of state, PNL is going to plead for a slashing down of the number of MPs and also for the introduction of the vote-by-mail system for Romanians residing abroad, Liberal deputy chairman Mihai Voicu told a press conference on Monday.

‘As regards the introduction of the voting by mail and the electoral reform in general, we remind you once again our position and our objectives that we pursue during the parliamentary debates focusing this topic. Thus, in what the local elections are concerned, we believe that we must return to electing the mayors in two rounds. This is about democratic representation and the legitimacy of the local elected official. Of the same manner, we also believe that the president of the County Council should be elected uninominally, and there is plenty of reason for that, too,’ showed the PNL deputy chairman, quoted by Agerpres.

With respect to the parliamentary elections, PNL pursues two major objectives, to cut down of the number of MPs, to stay so, and also, to introduce the vote-by-mail system for Romanians living abroad.

Voicu also said on the same occasion that PNL publicly drew the attention of the PSD that ‘hanging onto such proposals that are obviously unconstitutional is only a way of postponing certain reforms that are absolutely necessary.”

“I have noticed a while ago the PSD’s stand, and I hope that’s changed now, regarding the existence of a number of two senators for each county. This is obviously a kind of proposal that is clearly unconstitutional, the same as the other one from the past days referring to the implementation of the French model of vote-by-mail exactly as it is. For we want to remind you that the vote by proxy is clearly unconstitutional in Romania, since it’s considered to violate the secret nature of the voting. Which could only mean that, through endorsing such unconstitutional proposals, PSD only wants to delay the implementation of this system of vote by mail. There are, of course, some chapters from the French model that deserve to be discussed, but not this chapter that refers to the vote by proxy […] Of course that now is not the time we invent something entirely new. We just need to copy such good parts of the systems that have been in place for tens of years. This is a topic that is very important to us and we want it approved very quickly,” said the deputy chairman of the PNL.


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