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May 9, 2021

PNL plays rough, threatens to sue Government. Ponta says Liberals inherit Basescu’s trademark scandals

Liberals play rough. PM Victor Ponta was challenged by a resolution to organize immediately emergency partial elections for mayoralties, local council, county councils and the Parliament; otherwise, the Ponta Government would be sued.

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-President Alina Gorghiu (photo)  revealed that PM Victor Ponta asked her to negotiate the organization of partial elections.

“I asked the Prime Minister to act according to the law and what do you think he proposed me? To negotiate with him! I answer now: We do not negotiate laws; not even with Prime Minister Victor Ponta”, Alina Gorghiu declared on Friday at the  National Permanent Bureau (BPN) meeting of PNL held in Iasi.

“We request the Government to organize partial elections or else we will sue the Government. We are granting a week to the Government to organize documents”, the PNL Co-President declared.

At this time, there are 26 vacant positions of Mayor, six of members of the parliament, three of County Council chairmen and two dismissed local councils.


“We will help Ponta drink his coffee at the PSD residence”


PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu declared that, at the time being, PNL is in its best position so far after the Revolution: “We have over 40 per cent in all opinion polls, and this shows we have potential”, she pointed out after the meeting of the old PNL in Iasi.

At the same time, the PNL co-president once again repeated the intention of PNL to overtake the Government: “If Ponta is unable to understand that he has to leave, we will help him drink his coffee at the PSD residence”, Alina Gorghiu concluded, referring to the immediate agenda of PNL.


Ponta: New PNL starts resembling the old PDL, scandal and nothing more


On Saturday, PM Victor Ponta declared, regarding the Liberals’ demand to organize partial elections in the circumscriptions where public positions were emptied, that the new PNL is increasingly resembling the old PDL, inheriting “Traian Basescu’s trademark scandals”.

Asked how he commented the PNL resolution adopted on Friday in Iasi, that the PSD Government is granted a week to organize partial elections, Victor Ponta declared that the Liberals are “constantly accusing the Government of something”.

“PNL is constantly accusing us of something. Indeed, they are in the opposition; nonetheless, I would like less scandal, if possible, and less fighting. I have noticed that the new PNL starts resembling the old PDL as much as possible; scandal and nothing more. Let us sit down at a table and discuss the Electoral Law, the Financial Code and the system of elections. We are making elections, but based on what system, the present system? They want to change it; they say it is not good. Well, if it is not good, let us make a new system. I see that this kind of fight and scandal bearing Traian Basescu’s and PDL’s trademark was inherited”, Victor Ponta declared at the exit of the administrative building of the Iasi Metropolitan Capital, where he had met His Highness Teofan.

Ponta added that he was willing to have a dialogue with the opposition referring to Romania’s fundamental objectives, but that he refused to enter more fights and scandals.


Other decisions adopted by Liberals at BPN meeting in Iasi


The new spokesperson of the old PNL will be Deputy Ionut Stroe, replacing Alina Gorghiu, appointed President;

-the president of the Local Officials League will be Ciprian Dobre, president of CJ Mures, replacing Aristotel Cancescu, the suspended president of the Brasov County Council – tried under arrest in a corruption file;

-the interim president of PNL Giurgiu is Deputy Raluca Surdu (replacing Vasile Mustatea, President of the County Council of Giurgiu);

-Senator Tudor Chiuariu was expelled from PNL for being involved in crimes of corruption.




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