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September 26, 2020

Ponta, Predoiu don’t miss any opportunity to fight verbally on social networks

Ponta: The moral lesson for us of Syriza victory is that economy, jobs, security for everyday life matter


Facebook seems to have become the preferred battle field of power and opposition. There’s no post on certain event written by the Prime Minister to remain without reply from the opposition leaders and viceversa. The latest verbal duel between Ponta and the premier of the shadow cabinet  Catalin Predoiu took place on Sunday evening and had as departure point  Ponta’s remarks on the social networks about Syriza party victory in Greece’s parliamentary elections  . Prime Minister Victor Ponta considers that  the ‘moral’ lesson of leftist radical Syriza party victory in Greece’s parliamentary election is that economic results, jobs and everyday life of people matter most.

‘Greece – categorical victory for Syriza! The moral/lesson for us – economy, jobs, security (hope) for everyday life matter,’ Ponta wrote on Twitter and Facebook.

Syriza spokesperson Panos Skourletis said the Sunday elections’ outcome seems to be ‘a historical victory’ and ‘a message to Europe.’ The message ‘does not concern just the Greeks, but the whole Europe, and it brings relief,’ Skourletis declared at the Mega TV station.


Predoiu: Luckily, there’s no plagiarism in politics


In response, the PNL’s  first vice-president Catalin Predoiu,  wrote: “I see from his recent posts on Facebook and Twitter that Ponta begins to embrace the vision of the Opposition. We have insisted for over an year on the importance of economy, investment and jobs. Ponta had to lose elections and SYRIZA had to win elections in Greece to make him write on Twitter and Facebook the words above. Luckily, there is no plagiarism in politics, ” wrote the Prime Minister of the shadow cabinet on his personal Facebook page.  In addition,  Predoiu says that Victor Ponta is a “political hypocrite” and that “he no longer has credibility and popular support”.


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