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January 19, 2022

AT Kearney: Romania’s energy consumption will increase by a maximum of 0,7%/y until 2025

The path on which Romania treads in terms of building green-field large energy projects is wrong, according to a study by consulting company AT Kearney and Fondul Proprietatea (FP). If, however, investment in energy production is made, it is preferred to build small units and biomass-fired generation, more flexible and more efficient. On the other hand, the document proposes taking cost-effective measures and improvement of existing facilities, as projected energy demand by 2025 will be very limited.

According to the baseline scenario, the increase between 2013 – 2025 will not exceed 0.7%, while the alternative scenario forecasts an increase of only 0.2%, especially from sectors with low energy requirements, together with the residential sector. In 2025 Romania is expected to have 18.3 GW installed capacity, of which 9.9 GW certain available capacity, and an hourly consumption of 9.8 GW, including safety margin and net exports. There will be no extraordinary performance for exports; these will range around 3.3 TWh in 2025 so that excess production will not find markets abroad.


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