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September 19, 2021

Ilie Sarbu: Victor Ponta should fight; he is young; no other colleague in PSD reached his level before

The leader of PSD Senators, Ilie Sarbu, declared for the radio station RFI that he recommended the president of the party, Victor Ponta, to fight for the top position in the party. Sarbu thinks there is no other name to replace the present leader of PSD.

Asked what he would recommend Victor Ponta to do regarding the management of PSD, Ilie Sarbu declared: “He is too young to have any issues of this sort. If I only had his age… He should fight! If he does not fight at a little over 40, what are we supposed to do, as we are past our prime, as they say? Mr. Iliescu is still a fighter, right? We are the generation that followed Iliescu and we do not want to be left out either. We are powerful, we are lucid, we do not make big mistakes, and small mistakes are common to anyone, any day”.

Asked how much support is Victor Ponta presently benefiting of inside PSD, Ilie Sarbu (who is also Ponta’s father in law) declared that there was no other Social Democrat to reach Ponta’s level. “At the time being, with the small exceptions we saw and possibly with other ones as well, we cannot draw the conclusion, certainly, that there will be no further discontentment at the level of a huge party, such as ours. But totally, globally, however you wish to examine things, if you take a closer look from above, in PSD, perhaps you could come up with a proper name to replace him. For me, no one is like Victor Ponta, with his qualities and, obviously defects, as we are all humans. But when I look at any of my other colleagues, I see that nobody has reached Ponta’s level.”



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