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April 12, 2021

Ponta, Rus: Harsh messages for PSD rioters

PSD President Victor Ponta started the preliminary week of the National Executive Committee of January 30 by issuing a strong message for the initiators of the party protest on Monday.

According to the PSD leader, the members of the party should be interested 99 per cent in governing and 1 per cent in internal scandals.


Ponta: PSD should be interested 99 per cent in governing, 1 per cent in internal scandals


“I want to tell you only one thing: I think that, after yesterday’s elections in Greece and after everything that happens in Europe, I think that our agenda for 2015 – 2016 should consist of consuming 99 per cent of our energy, of our resources, of our knowledge on the everyday life of everyday citizens, on pensions, salaries, schools, hospitals, road and let the opposition consume 99 per cent of their energy on political scandals”, Victor Ponta declared at the meeting of the Permanent National Bureau of PSD.

The CExN of PSD will soon establish the date of the National Council of PSD. During the council, there will be changes made in the Status, there will be an analysis of the presidential elections and the date of the PSD Congress will be decided.

Lately, several local leaders of PSD criticized the central leadership of PSD either for their results at the presidential elections, or for the measures they intended to introduce within the party.


Rus admits there are agitations in the party but says they are not serious and denies rupture likelihood


PSD Vice-President Ioan Rus (photo)  also launched an extremely harsh message dedicated to Victor Ponta’s enemies in the party. In his opinion, the people who want the beheading of the PSD leader for his failure at the presidential elections are people who were unable to pass the seventh grade. About any likelihood of a rupture inside PSD, Rus declared that there were “agitations”, but there would be “nothing serious” going on, because it is “much ado for nothing”.

“Always, at certain points in the existence of a party, especially those following the elections, there are such discussions promoted by some of my colleagues, who consider that it is an appropriate moment for causing additional flame wars. At this time, I see no threat related to a potential rupture inside PSD or any threat of a major scandal inside the party. I really see no such thing”, Rus declared in an interview for Mediafax.

“Something should happen in the evolution of the Romanian society and of Romanian parties, in order to stop this habit of demanding the winner of the silver medal in the competition to withdraw. Should the winner of the second place at the Olympic games withdraw for not being the world champion and not winning the gol medal? It is a wrong attitude, that challenges competition, that defies the spirit of civilisation and the evolution of society. It is an enormous stupidity that some of the Romanian politicians are permanently promoting. If you lost, you should resign and withdraw. No, you must continue the fight, you must continue struggling for your position, for your point of view, for your political and economical program. There are people who consider that the second place should disappear so that, finally, they could ascend to positions that would favour their own entrance in the competition. It is an absurd version that will slowly disappear from the public attitude as people concerned with these things will graduate the seventh grade in gymnasium”, Ioan Rus mentioned.


The winners of silver medals should not withdraw, competition continues


Asked how he would comment on Radu Mazare’s declaration that Victor Ponta should resign, Ioan Rus replied: “I would repeat my answer above about the fact that each silver medal winner is expected to withdraw for not getting gold. But the competition continues and there will be another contest a few years later. My age, my results, the number of votes I gained, all of these allow me to remain in the competition. What happened actually? The Romanian society opted for the division of power. There are reasonable results achieved by the Government so you keep on governing and we will hand out the other public position to somebody else. It was proved by the number of votes. Victor Ponta earned over 5 million votes. It means we have 12 million Romanians who are content with thia structure. So you must understand, if there are 12 million electors, actually the highest number of people going to vote in Romania, who gave decided something, I do not think that it is a right moment to propose them something else the next day. This is their decision. So you leave them alone to reconsider it during the next electoral cycle and they are the ones to decide whether they made a good choice or they should change it. I do not think that it is appropriate, or feasible, to suggest them a change the next day”.

“Actually, what you propose is that they should accept that they were wrong, that they should have acted differently and that they should have granted full power either to Ponta or to Iohannis. This is what they are trying right now: to bring all the power to PNL because Iohannis had more votes. This means that you omit in your calculations precisely the decision reached by Romanians in November. It is an immense mistake and a huge lack of respect to the voters, who decided to divide the power between the two wings, left, and right, granting each of them one of the fundamental institutions in the state: the Presidency and the Government. Leave the voters alone and respect their decision, try to be as competitive as you can, whether you are a member of the Government or whether you are in Cotroceni, and we will compete again in 2016. We cannot keep the nation in a permanent election and keep making proposals serving our wishes. I mean, we can do it, but I think it is wrong”, Ioan Rus pointed out for Mediafax.




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