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September 19, 2021

PSD’s BPN establishes the mandate of the delegation going to the Wednesday discussions in Cotroceni

Ponta: It is important to change the present electoral system


The National Permanent Bureau (BPN) of PSD reunited on Monday to establish, among other things, the mandate of the delegation attending the Wednesday discussions in Cotroceni concerning the new electoral system. At the beginning of the meeting, party president Victor Ponta pointed out that it was important not to keep the present system of elections.

“Today, we want to decide the mandate of the delegation going to discussions related to the new electoral system and, in the end, we will reveal our opinion. Nobody has to start discussions with an unmovable opinion, because we will not be able to reach an understanding. We say what we think is best, and each party presents their point of view”, Ponta declared at the beginning of the meeting.

He outlined that it was important to change the present system of elections.

“One thing is important: not to keep the present system: and I am talking about the Parliament first of all. Let us find solutions for reducing the number of MPs and a correct system of parliamentary elections, and also find an efficient system for the voting process of our fellow countrymen living abroad. This system should reflect best the functioning of the local public administration”, Ponta explained.


Additional stipulations inside the status of the party


Victor Ponta declared on Monday that he wished a definitive introduction in the status of the party of a few additional stipulations regarding political positions and administrative positions owned by PSD members involved in different stages of a trial.

These things will be established by the lawyers of the party, Ponta declared, mentioning that, if the party would not approve these changes, he could not continue being the leader of PSD.

“They will have to find another leader”, Victor Ponta declared, as quoted by stiripesurse.ro.

The PSD leader also mentioned that the party may win local and parliamentary elections in 2016 if these changes are made. Ponta also added that, if “somebody else” in the party considers that things would be better this way, the party should keep that person as their leader.

He reaffirmed on this occasion that the future statute of the PSD will include clear provisions related to those who will be facing justice problems, but he also added that the change will be operated by the National Council and by the Congress respectively.

‘Everything is quite clear to me – we need to specify crystal clear in our statute the procedure to be followed during the various stages of the criminal trial. If the National Council and my colleagues disagree with this, then they should find another leader that better pleases them. This is what we are going to discuss at the National Council, I will not go into details now, even if they could be familiar to me, related to the criminal proceedings, referrals to trial, I just say that, together with the jurists we should take a political decision. The statute of the political party is a political statute to automatically regulate what political offices, what administrative office etc. should automatically triggers the self-suspension of the holder facing justice problems. PSD could win the 2016 local and parliamentary elections, provided that it changes its internal organisation. Thus, if someone else becomes chairman, one of my colleagues, who claims that there isn’t anything that we need to change, then I will leave my chair to that person,’ Victor Ponta said.


On what voting system should we initiate elections?


PM Victor Ponta harshly criticized on Monday the demand of PNL to organize partial local elections in the localities where the positions of Mayor and County Council President remained vacant.

“We have the obligation to answer four questions”, Ponta replied. “Are we starting out new elections week by week? Romania is not supposed to be permanently in an electoral campaign”, was the first argument of the Prime Minister.

“On what voting system are we based when initiating elections? Both PNL and us want to change the voting system; at the time being, there is no possibility to organize elections based on a new system”, Ponta outlined.

The Prime Minister also explained that there is no use organizing elections for one year only, until the local elections of 2016.

“There is only one year left. Why should we spend so much money for only one year?”, Ponta asked the rhetorical question.

He also pointed out that there are many situations mentioned by PNL where, legally, the positions were not emptied.

“Legally, there are many places where the positions are not empty. Cluj, Neamt and Valcea are the actual County Councils with a vacant position of a president”, Ponta concluded.


Prime Minister to present governing priorities for 2015-2016 at the PSD National Executive convention


PSD chairman, Victor Ponta, is going to present the main priorities of the government for 2015-2016, on Friday and Saturday (January 30-31), at the convention of the National Executive Committee of the party. The convention will overlap with the gathering of the Social-Democratic parliamentary groups.

‘On Friday and Saturday we are going to have the usual convention of the National Executive Committee of the PSD, where I intend to present, as Prime Minister representing PSD and the governing coalition, the main priorities that we have in mind for 2015 and 2016, and also I will speak about our obligation to continue to generate growth in the next years, create jobs, implement new measures in the social security, economic and infrastructure development fields. Moreover, we shall discuss the main items on the agenda of the National Council meeting due on March 20-21, which Council is going to adopt a very clear position, first of all, related to the new political project of changing the PSD statute and the convening of the Congress to establish the leadership for the next interval,’ said the PSD chairman at the end of the meeting of the National Standing Bureau of the political entity.






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