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May 23, 2022

Dan Voiculescu stays in prison definitively

Dan Voiculescu was given a definitive prison sentence yesterday, after a panel of judges at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) overruled  his last way of attack, the appeal in cassation.

Convicted to ten years in prison and sequestration of goods in August 2014, the businessman and founding president of the Conservative Party attempted several extraordinary ways to attack the verdict but all of them were overruled.

As a result of the ICCJ decision, Voiculescu must execute five years in prison and only afterwards may he request release on parole, because he is aged over 60.

Before the verdict was issued, the Intact media trust founder’s lawyer, Gheorghita Mateut, once again declared that the judges who convicted Dan Voiculescu to prison “reached a hastened decision” and “rush must not be mistaken with reasonable duration”.

“The entire attitude of the judges showed quite clearly that they were not interested by the documents of the file and the proof, they were only interested in finishing as soon as possible and issuing a solution – that of conviction, which is absolutely unacceptable!”, the lawyer declared. Were the contestation to be admitted, the judges could have decided to release Voiculescu and restart the trial in the ICA file.

Three weeks ago, the Appeal Court of Bucharest had overruled to conviction cancellation request as well.




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