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June 26, 2022

President Iohannis starts new series of consultations with the parliamentary parties on legislative priorities

President Klaus Iohannis has started a new series of political consultations with the parliamentary parties. The first one took place on January 12 and concluded with a consensus of the whole political spectrum on increasing the defence budget.”Today will be devoted to consultations on the legislative priorities of the next parliamentary session, during which political parties and formations of the Romanian Parliament will be present at the Cotroceni Palace. This step represents the beginning of reforming public institutions in Romania. Thus, we  move to a new phase of the debate, to identify and apply solutions, aimed at achieving goals for a sustainable construction of the Romanian democracy, “President Iohannis  wrote on Wednesday morning on his  Facebook page, before the start of consultations.

According to the Presidential Administration, the agenda of these consultations includes a better organization of voting abroad, the financing of election campaigns and political parties, and the acceleration of procedures for lifting the parliamentary immunity.

The Consultations’ program:  10.00 – Social Democratic Party (PSD); • 11.00 – National Liberal Party (PNL); • 12.00 – National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR); • 14.00 – Conservative Party (PC); • 15.00 – Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR); • 16.00 – Parliamentary Group of National Minorities; • 17.00 – Party People – Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD).  People’s Movement Party (PMP)  and Liberal Reformist Party (PLR)  will not have representatives in consultations with President Klaus Iohannis, as they are not parliamentary parties.


PSD proposes a register of Romanians living abroad


The Social Democratic Party (PSD)  has proposed on Wednesday, during the meeting with President Klaus Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace, a register of Romanians living abroad to be fathered, and the activity of the Parliament to be alike the European legislative’s, the party’s chair, Prime minister Victor Ponta, said.
PSD was represented by its chair, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, its executive president Liviu Dragnea, the Chamber of Deputies Chair Valeriu Zgonea and Senator Ioan Chelaru.

‘We agree and wish to re-start, during this parliamentary session, the two committees – the Committee of modification of the electoral laws and the Constitution’s revision Committee. As regards the electoral laws, a special preoccupation to guaranteeing the vote of the Romanians from abroad, and here we have proposed that the organizing of the vote be the responsibility of the Standing Electoral Authority which has organized the elections very well on Romania’s territory, and we are to give it all the necessary logistical resources, so that the AEP accomplishes this attribution. We have also proposed a register of the Romanians living abroad to be fathered, so that the AEP could know how it could organize the elections, be it about the polling stations, or the voting by mail, and encounter no problems,’ said Ponta at the Cotroceni Palace, after the meeting of the PSD delegation with President Klaus Iohannis.

He added that the PSD reiterated its support for an alteration of the regulation of the two Chambers of the Parliament, starting from the demand of President Iohannis in reference to faster procedures when it comes to lifting parliamentary immunity.

‘We have proposed an ample modification, due to turn the Parliament’s activity more transparent, more efficient and more responsible in front of their voters, a way of work at the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, too, to pursue the European Parliament’s pattern. On Monday should be a day of activity in the parliamentary groups and of presence of the Government members, with the ministers coming to answer the MPs’ questions on various issues, on Tuesday – activity in the committees, on Wednesday and Thursday – debates and vote in plenary session, and final vote on Thursday,’ the PSD chair added.

Ponta mentioned that the PSD also wants to alter the law on political parties’ financing in such a manner so that in the future, through clear legislative modifications, a transparent, clear system to be set for the parties as regards their financing and the financing of the electoral campaigns.

‘We assent with facilitating the rules regarding the foundation of new political parties, to give up those difficult conditions with regards on the very big number of signatures, on condition that this would not be reflected in the budget expenditure, meaning we want it to be simple to set a party, yet this shouldn’t mean that we finance all of these parties from the state budget,’ said Ponta, adding that the PSD tallies with cut of the MPs number, and the exact way of representation should be found within the parliamentary committee.



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