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May 15, 2021

Iohannis after the consultations with the parliamentary parties: It is time that Romania moves to a new stage of democracy

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday night it is time that Romania moves to a new stage of democracy, adding he has in view three directions: participation, integrity and sustainability.

He specified that the political bodies’ reform is one of his tenure’s priorities and the first step in the reform of the political class.

‘For 25 years, we have crossed a stage which meant the creation of the democratic institutions, the finalization of the transition, an accumulation of experience, and a set of experiments, successfully finalized or not, in this respect. I believe it is time to move on to a new stage of the Romanian democracy. From where I stand, this new stage of the Romanian democracy should mean a re-set of the system and an increase of the citizens’ trust in the democratic institutions,’ said Klaus Iohannis, at the Cotroceni Palace, after the consultations with the parliamentary political parties and formations.

He said he was aiming tree targets: the participation, the integrity and the sustainability.


All parties have agreed on speeding up procedures regarding the MPs’ immunity lifting


‘So, I’m envisaging three directions: participation – and I refer here to ensuring the conditions for every Romanian to cast his/her vote, including and in particular the ones from abroad, but also to encouraging the participation of the citizens in the political life, in general, in opening the political space through another legislation of the political parties. We must bring the people closer to politics, we must not have two Romanias, one of the politicians and one of the people. The integrity, as it is understood not necessarily in its legal sense, but as a way of work which implies transparency and correctness in the functioning of the institutions, in the financing of the parties and of the electoral campaigns. If we want the people to trust us, we, the political class must function transparently. Sustainability – to think a legal framework capable to assure not only legitimacy, but also efficiency in the representation of the electorate,’ Iohannis explained.

The president deems that packages of laws could be carried out for more than one electoral cycle.

‘I believe we could come with laws which cover more than one electoral cycle and build strong solutions. In this way, we could have on the long term an electoral competition rather concentrated on debates and solutions, than a confrontation for the sake of the confrontation, and this is how phenomena, such as electoral bribe, electoral tourism, political migration, periodical re-drawing of the electoral maps, will diminish,’ said Klaus Iohannis.

He added that this is the framework he has put into debate the topics referring to the electoral laws, the vote of the Romanians from the Diaspora, the speeding up and simplification of the procedures regarding the MPs’ immunity lifting.

‘Here will be not only about procedures, but also about a responsible behavior of the parties and politicians,’ he added, in reference to the simplification of the procedures regarding the requests made by the Justice, saying that all parties agreed on this issue.


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