1100 delegates expected at the first National Council of the new PNL to adopt merger criteria, political roadmap until 2017

Not only the Social Democrats have a busy political weekend, but also the Liberals.

The National Council of the new National Liberal Party (PNL) will meet on Saturday at the Palace of Parliament to discuss, according to the party statutes, the political roadmap of the formation over the period January 2015 – January 2017.

A number of 1,100 delegates are expected to participate in the event scheduled for Saturday at noon, in the “A.I. Cuza” hall, in a perfectly balanced formula, with 550 delegates from the old Liberal Party and 550 delegates from the old PDL.

The first meeting of the National Council shall tackle the way the party is to work between January 2015 – January 2017, PNL  Secretary-general Gheorghe Flutur  told a press conference on Monday, at the end of the meeting of the PNL – PDL Unification Committee tasked with handling all the technicalities related to the merger and the seamless transition to the new Liberal formation.

Quoting Article 160 from the new party statute, Flutor said  that the party leaders need to settle in this transition period certain things regarding the completion of the merger process of local structures, responsibilities and the definition of the criteria for the assignment at local level of the management structures.

“ In the first place, two co-Chairs will be maintained in office at county level until 2017, one from the former PDL, the other from the former PNL. The county joint Political Bureaus will carry on their activity just as by now. And the proposition we, the political team, have come up with, is the establishment of an Executive Committee with fewer members than the Political Bureau: depending on the size of the county, this committee should have between 23 and 29 members, plus MPs,” said the PNL Secretary-general, quoted by Agerpres.

Gheorghe Flutur added that the responsibilities of the Executive Committee at county level will also be established, and he also figured out a possible algorithm based on which the local management structures will be set up.

Flutur said that the envisaged proposals are intended to build a strong party that should properly represent both the old PNL and the old PDL.

“The agenda of the National Council also includes discussions on PNL’s stance on major political issues such as the Election Code and other key political themes. A resolution will also be adopted and PNL’s official political stance towards the major political themes will be outlined,” said the Liberal Party’s Secretary-general.

Flutur added that on Sunday, at 11:00 hrs, all the MPs of the new Liberal formation will gather in the Chamber of Deputies’ PNL caucus room to discuss parliamentary priorities. “We will discuss the legislative priorities of the new session that will begin on Monday and the organization of the parliamentary groups,” explained the PNL Secretary-general.



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