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September 25, 2021

Social Democrats meet in Sinaia to prepare the PSD National Council

Social Democrats meet on Friday and Saturday in Sinaia for the National Executive Committee convention, with talks on the political situation and the priorities of the Government on agenda. In the same days there will take place the parliamentary group meetings from the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and the meeting of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leadership with the party’s MEPs. The meeting precedes the PSD National Council scheduled for 20-21 March that will decide the main changes to the party statute and will validate the convening of Congress.

‘On Friday and Saturday we are going to have the usual convention of the National Executive Committee of the PSD, where I intend to present, as Prime Minister representing PSD and the governing coalition, the main priorities that we have in mind for 2015 and 2016, and also I will speak about our obligation to continue to generate growth in the next years, create jobs, implement new measures in the social security, economic and infrastructure development fields. Moreover, we shall discuss the main items on the agenda of the National Council meeting due on March 20-21, which Council is going to adopt a very clear position, first of all, related to the new political project of changing the PSD statute and the convening of the Congress to establish the leadership for the next interval,’  Victor Ponta, the PSD chairman, (photo)  had announced on Monday at the end of the meeting of the party’s National Standing Bureau  (BPN).


PSD establishes strategy for the parliamentary session to start on Monday


‘In the afternoon, we meet with the parliamentary groups and tomorrow we gather for the important things we have to address in the parliamentary session to start from Monday, February 2, in the governing activity and in the preparation of the National Council which is to be hold in March, a council that has to define the main ideas for our political programme in the years to come, to set the date of the congress and all the measures for us to be the first party ready for the local and parliamentary elections in 2016. Our main concern right now is the way we could do our job in front of our voters and, in general in front of the Romanians, (dealing with) the pensions, the salaries, the investments, the jobs, the infrastructure. As for the rest, we’ve had enough fight until end-2014, there will be fight in the future, too,’ the PSD Chairman, Prime minister Victor Ponta said in the opening of the reunion.

He added that he has talked on Thursday with some NGOs and other bodies about what Romania has to do to fighting poverty.

‘Naturally, the first ten news were about the DNA (Anticorruption body – editor’s note) and who was (invited) to the DNA. We should not get angry, each and every one does his/her agenda the way he/she wants, but this is what we are to deal with and this is what we are going to do, and I’m positive that in the local and parliamentary elections the people will ask you what have you done for the wages, for the pensions, for the jobs and for the local community’s life,’ Ponta highlighted quoted by Agerpres.


The National Council will convene on March 2-21


The Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) National Executive Committee has approved, on Friday, in Sinaia, the convening of the National Council of the party on March 20-21, has announced the Social Democrat chairman, Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

“We have confirmed the date of March 20-21 for the National Council, when we will have to elect the leadership structures, the chairman and the political departments, that should work in regards to our ideological contribution to modernizing the Romanian society and representing the PSD voters from the local and national structures, the PSD statute modification project, that should lay down the guidelines for a new political program, our new strategy and the new political project for the 2015-2019 period and establish the internal organization manner – the organization of county conferences and the Congress, that will approve the amendments to the statute and elect the team which will run PSD until the next electoral confrontations,” said Victor Ponta.


Exclusion of Dan Sova, revoked


Ponta also announced that the National Executive Committee  has unanimously decided to revoke the decision to exclude Dan Sova from the party.

“We have submitted to a vote and the CEx, unanimously, decided to revoke the decision made at the previous CEx meeting to exclude Mr. Dan Sova. (…) He has demonstrated in this month and a half that he wants to be in the PSD and wants to be with us,” Ponta told a press conference. Asked when Sova could return to the party, the PSD leader replied: “He can return to the party today. Sova is back on the team.”


Marian Oprisan: PSD has a new offer for Romanians


Awaiting the meeting of the PSD Executive Committee, due this weekend in Sinaia, party Vice-President Marian Oprisan declared for the TV show “Power Games” at Realitatea TV that PSD has a new offer for Romania.

“In Sinaia, we have a meeting of the PSD Executive Committee and we will discuss clearly what we intend to do at the National Council. PSD prepares a new offer for Romanians, after 2016. This is what we are going to do. I will firmly and confidently tell you one thing: PSD, based on the parliamentary elections of 2012, intends to stay in the Government until 2016, so that we can increase once more salaries, pensions and reduce TVA to 20 per cent. And we want Mr. Victor Ponta to lead the Government. Mr. Victor Ponta is not Romania’s Prime Minister on his own. The present Government of Romania is the rightful result of the elections held in December 2012”, Oprisan declared.







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