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June 26, 2022

A 26 million euro investment to make ROMATSA one of the modern systems in Europe for air traffic management

The Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA will have, at the end of 2016, one of the most modern systems in Europe for air traffic management, as a result of an investment from its own resources worth approximately 26 million euro,  the director of the institution, Ion-Aurel Stanciu told Agerpres.

“In order to fulfill Single European Sky objectives, ROMATSA must invest in the infrastructure of the air traffic management network and we are currently doing it. We have a program that is called ATM 2015+ and we are running it. We will have at the end of this program, at the end of 2016, when we hope it will be fully functional, one of one of the most modern air traffic management systems in Europe,”,said Stanciu at a specialist event.

The company implementing the system is Indra Sistemas, headquartered in Spain. The contract was attributed in July 2013, following an open auction that saw four bids.

“The ATM 2015+ system also took into account the Datalink regulation. It is at the level of the Air Traffic Control center of Maastricht,” said Stanciu.

The system must be interoperable with the systems used by providers of air traffic services in the countries neighboring Romania, as well as with the centralized systems at a European level used by Eurocontrol, in the so-called “European air traffic management network”.

ATM2015+ is to be authorized by the Romanian Civil Aeronautics Authority for placing in operational status, having as a point of reference standards, requests and specifications intrinsic to the realm of civil aviation and it must be designed, developed, tested and put into operational status in a relatively short period of time for such a complex system, namely until February 5, 2015, in order for Romania to respect its obligations that stem from adopting the European Commission Regulation no. 29/2009.

The consequence for not respecting the final deadline for implementation of the system is the beginning of infringement procedures by the European Commission, as it would breach the provisions of European Commission Regulation no. 29/2009 that states that EU countries must use Datalink capable systems starting February 5, 2015.


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