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January 31, 2023

Former Economy Minister Adriean Videanu remanded in custody for 30 days

The judges of the Supreme Court ruled on Saturday morning that former PDL Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu will be remanded in custody for 30 days with charges of complicity to abuse of office. In the first statements after his detention by the prosecutors and before hearing the Court decision, the former Minister of Economy  said that the only thing that he reproached to myself is that in 10 minutes, he went from being a suspect to being a defendant, and that he didn’t have time to bring evidence before the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors.

After marathon hearings, also the former  Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT)  head  Alina Bica, her adviser Florentin Mihailescu ,Dorin Cocos and his son Alin Cocos were sentenced to remand. Cocos and Bica are already in custody with corruption charges in other two files- the Microsoft file and the one of illegal compensation for an overstated land.

The Court decision was taken in the disjoint case of unlawful compensation from ANRP by Alina Bica when she was the head of this institution, it is not final and may be appealed to the same Court.

Videanu insisted in front of journalists on the fact that he is not involved in a corruption case, but the prosecutors’ allegations relate strictly to the presumed abuse of office by Alina Bica.  “The decision to lift the seizure did not produce any legal effect. The only thing that I reproach to myself is that in 10 minutes, I went from being a suspect to being a defendant, and that I didn’t have time to bring evidence before the DNA prosecutors,” Videanu told journalists.

According to anti-corruption prosecutors report for Videanu’s remand in custody, he has passed the shares on which the prosecutors had introduced seizure, to his wife and children, these being later removed from seizure by Alina Bica. According to the investigators’ document, it results with evidence from the chronology, the nature and the purpose of the 80 shares from SC Titan  Mar belonging to  Adriean Videanu , that prior to 09/24/2013 when the seizure was ordered in this case, there were taken steps for the conversion of the shares registered on Adriean Videanu’s name in bearer shares “.

Prosecutors claim that through the alienation of shares, although they were seized as a result of the seizure measure, “the defendant Adriean Videanu has already placed himself within the criminal sphere.”


Videanu resigns from the chairman office of PDL Bucharest


National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-Chairman Vasile Blaga on Saturday said that Adriean Videanu resigned from the chairman office of the Liberals’ organisation in Bucharest, as his party membership was also suspended, after he was placed under preventive arrest. Blaga has previously admitted that the problems with the justice of the president of the PDL Bucharest branch affected the image and credibility of the party.

“Things are clear. He is suspended from the party member position, but he also sent his resignation from the chairman office of our organisation in Bucharest,” Blaga told journalists when asked if Videanu resigned.

The statement was made before the beginning of the PNL National Council meeting, at the Palace of Parliament.





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