PNL National Council resolutions: Assuming government and drawing up new majority

The 1,050 delegates gathered at the Palace of Parliament on Saturday for the meeting of the National Council of the new National Liberal Party (PNL) adopted two resolutions, one announcing that the party assumes government and the draw up of a new parliamentary majority, and the other criticising the budget for 2015.

“We want to assume government to fulfill the will of the electorate expressed on November 16, 2014. PSD’s  and Victor Ponta’s place isn’t at the Victoria Palace. The National Liberal Party assumes the responsibility of drawing up a new majority to respect the citizens’ will and to give Romania a new beginning. Romania of things well done needs a political instrument consisting of a new majority and a new government,” reads the first resolution called “The New PNL, the New Government, the New Politics – for Romania of Things Well Done!”.

PNL maintains that a real partnership between the country president and the government is needed, as well as going back to normality by bringing the society (civil society, trade unions, employers’ associations) at the political decision-making table.

PNL says that the voting of November 2014 harshly sanctioned Victor Ponta, therefore Romania is currently governed by a government headed “by a prime minister without legitimacy.”

The second resolution titled “Romania’s Budget for 2015: Zero Development,” shows that the Romanian Socialists built a budget through which “they harshly punish the efficient public administrations and benevolently and with money prizes from the state budget treat those that haven’t managed to become efficient and performing.”

PNL maintains that “the zero budget allotments for Romania’s great communes, for some cities are in fact a sentence to a year of stagnation,” and the Romanian Right-Wing has this duty of bringing welfare and not what the PSD assumed, sharing poverty,”  informs Agerpres.

“The budget for 2015 doesn’t solve the problem of public administrations and doesn’t allow co-funding of European projects on a local level, the improvement of the living conditions of the Romanian citizens in the rural environment, but also in the urban environment, and maybe the most serious thing, this budget casts away the youth from Romania’s localities,” the resolution claims.


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