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July 2, 2022

Geoana, Vanghelie launch Initiative Group for the New Social Democrat Project, say Ponta’s political sultanate will end soon

Senator Mircea Geoana announced on Sunday at the launch of the Initiative Group for the New Social Democrat Project, that in the next two weeks there will be a new parliamentary majority and a new government.

The Initiative Group for the New Social Democrat Project is a leftist political project conducted by former social democratic leaders Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie, who were expelled from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) last November.

Among the initiators of this new political project there are several parliamentarians ( Oana Niculescu Mizil, Radu Popa, Dan Tataru, Catalin Croitoru, Petre Petrescu Florentin Gust, Valer Marian) as well as Mircea Geoana’s and Marian Vanghelie’s advisers Ana Catauța si Bogdan Georgescu.

“Our initiative for a new social democrat project will change the majority. We will have a new majority, we will have a new government. Ponta’s political sultanate will end in a few weeks,” Geoana told the 1,000 participants gathered on Sunday at Romexpo to witness the birth of his new leftist political platform that is aimed either to take over the control in PSD or to form the basis for a new leftist party.

“We want to give Romania’s left wing the chance of a new beginning,” Geoana added. He said that “Our Romania” will be part of the new government and that will get “an extraordinary good score” in the parliamentary elections.

Senator Geoana listed five founding principles underlying this new political project.

He spoke about lowering the threshold of signatures from 100,000 to 10,000 for the people who want to initiate bills and from 500,000 to 100,000 in amending the Constitution, in order to allow Romanians to promote the fundamental law.

Another principle is to initiate a bill according to which, before any appointment to executive office or any political nomination to be a review of the National Agency of Integrity (ANI), the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

“We want to put honest people to lead the country,” argued Senator Geoana.

The last two principles refer to the criteria of professionalism and the introduction of social progress index statistics.

“How to run a country with people who do not know the job, who are good at all? We establish social democratic academy Constantin Titel Petrescu to give people a chance to prepare, but we will introduce a selection of files,” said Geoana.

Geoana, a former president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), stressed that, at this time, the cartel formed by traditional parties is “about to implode.”

He called PSD as “a completely undemocratic party where people are afraid to talk.” According to Geoana, Romania will be condemned to underdevelopment if the fight against corruption will not go ahead.

“I am proud of my brave colleagues who are here today, and there are many more who will follow us. (…) Early March will be a new government, a new parliamentary majority,” added Geoana quoted by Agerpres.

He also said that a project for a credible country can not exist without the political Left. In his opinion, at least half of Romanians need this project which will start from the liberalist base promoted by the President Klaus Iohannis.





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