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December 6, 2021

President Iohannis urges young magistrates to do their job with dedication, professionalism, fairness and decency

President Klaus Iohannis avowed his great expectations from young magistrates. He told graduates of the National Institute of Magistracy (INM) on Monday he expects from them independence, fairness and responsibility, but reminded them they faced people, who are entitled to respect.

‘Allow me to voice some expectations, not just of mine, but of most Romanians, I think; these expectations actually describe some landmarks of Judiciary work. Firstly, the independence of Justice, which is vital. You will be called to put this principle into practice concretely, in all your work and in your extra-professional conduct. Another fundamental benchmark is described by the formula ?no one is above the law.’ Independence can be devoid of its content if law is not equally applied to all, irrespective of their office, position, wealth or social status. Thirdly, a magistrate’s responsibility is a corollary of their work and it has to become a principle of conduct and a way of life. I wish you never forget that Justice is – like we all are – in the service of citizens. In parallel with the principles of independence, equidistance and responsibility, do not forget there are people in front of you, and always when working with people you need respect and deference,’ the President said at his meeting with INM graduates at his official residence of Cotroceni Palace.

Iohannis underscored that the prestige of a magistrate’s office and its inherent responsibility are always actual matters, and he pointed out that the respect of citizens’ fundamental rights in the administration of justice, within the limits and requirements of laws, is still an essential axis of magistrates’ work.

The head of state mentioned the guarantee of Judiciary’s independence and of the rule of law, as well as the support to the fight against corruption are priorities of his tenure, and he would reassert them on every occasion.

He also congratulated the graduates and urged them to do their job with dedication, professionalism, fairness and decency.

Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc, the President of the Supreme Council of Magistracy Marius Tudose, the Chair of the High Court of Cassation and Justice Livia Stanciu, the Chair of the Constitutional Court Augustin Zegrean and the Chief Prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu also attended the event.


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