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September 19, 2019

SRI leadership to be heard in the Parliamentary Commission based on accusations by Udrea

The announcement was made by PNL Senator Teodor Atanasiu (photo) , member if the joint Permanent Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate to exercise parliamentary control over the SRI activity. Summoning the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) leadership is the consequence of the scandal caused by Elena Udrea due to the accusations she had made in her Friday evening interview for hotnews.ro.

“As a result of the latest statements and scandals, the commission will be summoned as fast and possible. Yet, most of these statements do not fall within the responsibilities of the commission, but on those of investigation institutions. Perhaps the prosecutors’ office will start an inquiry”, Athanasiu declared on Saturday, before the meeting of the PNL management.

Former Development Minister and former presidential candidate for the 2014 elections, the leader of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea launched harsh accusations against General Florin Coldea, accusing the SRI leader of violating the Service attribution, of interfering in politics, of financially supporting a television station and of fabricating legal files. She also accused him of putting pressure on justice regarding files presently investigated and worked on. The accusations were filed also in a complaint submitted at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).


Savu: Elena Udrea’s accusations must be investigated by the Military Prosecutors’ Office


PSD Senator Daniel Savu, member of the SRI Control Commission, announced live on the TV station Digi24 that the head of SRI will be questioned in the Parliament. Yet, Savu says, Elena Udrea’s accusations regarding the involvement of SRI interim director general Florin Coldea in a campaign against him must be investigated by the Military Prosecutors’ Office.

“We can see whether anything happened in the time Elena Udrea says that SRI had violated their attributions and have interfered in politics. These are statements I do not know how to verify. The rest of her accusations, the ones related personally to Coldea, must be proved in front of the Military Prosecutors’ Office. Coldea has a career as a military officer. Elena Udrea’s statements regarding Coldea may only be investigated at the Military Prosecutors’ Office. We, the Commission, cannot investigate Coldea”, Daniel Savu declared.

“We will question Coldea and we will ask him questions regarding statements made by Elena Udrea on the legal aspects of SRI actions. We cannot perform an inquiry; military prosecutors should do it”, Savu added.

Regarding George Maior’s resignation from the highest rank in SRI, Daniel Savu declared that the Parliament must confirm being notified and that the resignation becomes valid from that moment on.

“There is no need for a Presidential decree to appoint Coldea, as the law says the interim is granted the attributions of a leader if we have no manager”, the PSD Senator mentioned.


Atanasiu: We felt no involvement by SRI in the electoral campaign.


PNL Prime-Vice-President Teodor Atanasiu declared that they “felt” no implication from SRI in the campaign for presidential elections.

Nonetheless, when asked a question regarding Florin Coldea’s potential summoning for a hearing by the SRI Control Commission, Atanasiu declared: “Certainly, considering the latest statements and the latest scandals, the SRI Control Commission will meet as soon as possible to discuss these issues. Yet, most of these aspects are not mentioned in the attributions of the Commission; they are part of the attributions of legal investigation institutions and I think that an inquiry will be started, to see whether the things declared by Elena Udrea are true or not, and if they are true, to establish the guilty part. Unfortunately, we, the Commission, are unable to conduct a criminal inquiry as the prosecutors do it. Due to other specific methods, we may only check whether any laws were violated by the activity of SRI.”


Udrea: Coldea’s target was to gain complete power


“Florin Coldea was the actual leader of SRI even when George Maior was the official manager of the institution”, Elena Udrea declared in her interview for hotnews.ro. She said that Coldea, although very little known in the public space, was the person who has really led and controlled Romania. “When I was telling Mr. Maior that Mr. Coldea was the actual leader of the service and that his target was to gain complete power, Maior kept replying that things were not precisely this way and he assured me many times: “You will see, Mr. Coldea will resign this service when I do because we were brought by Traian Basescu and we are leaving when he leaves.” I would be curious now if Mr. Maior still says this thing”, Elena Udrea confessed in her interview for Hotnews.ro on Friday that has made the Romanian politics and public space to explode.

“Florin Coldea was fully interested to support Klaus Iohannis in the presidential campaign, as Victor Ponta threatened to dismiss him”, Udrea added.

“There was another aspect Victor Ponta should confirm. I have heard him saying it many times and he had actively contributed to the campaign for Mr. Klaus Iohannis (which is not a bad thing; it is obvious for all of us that, comparing Victor Ponta to Klaus Iohannis, it is a great thing to have Mr. Iohannis as a President). There were rumours that, one day, as Victor Ponta’s birthday was coming, some time in autumn, in an unofficial meeting attended both by Mr. Victor Ponta and Mr. Coldea, Mr. Ponta allegedly told Mr. Coldea: “General, if I become President, you should start seeking a job. (…) And consider that I have the courage to tell you this thing under the circumstances that I have not become the President yet.”


Udrea, Bica confront SRI leader in common action, accuse General Coldea of pressure during inquiries


Former Head of DIICOT Alina Bica launched also serious accusations against SRI General Florian Coldea at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), backing up some of the accusations made by Elena Udrea in her interview for Hotnews on Friday.

Bica made the accusations also on Friday during the closed meeting destined to examine the request that Bica would be put under preventive arrest besides Adriean Videanu, Dorin Cocos, Alin Cocos and her former advisor Florentin Mihailescu.

Asked whether Bica really made “staggering” statements while in Court and whether she made accusations related to the SRI interim, her lawyer Laura Voicu replied: “If the truth may be defined as staggering then, indeed, it was a staggering statement.”

According to Mediafax, another co-defendant declared that Bica had received death threats from two PSD Deputies due to the inquiry against Tender in the Rafo – Carom file.

Moreover, asked whether Alina Bica received death threats from behalf of two PSD Deputies in a hotel at the seaside, Laura Voicu pointed out that the declaration was made by another co-defendant and mentioned that she was unable to reveal any details yet as the respective deeds are under criminal investigation.

“Yes, there are a lot of threats targeting Ms. Prosecutor Bica”, Voicu added, mentioning that Alina Bica is genuinely afraid of attempted murder.

Legal sources had declared for Mediafax that somebody had declared in Court that Alina Bica received death threats from two PSD Deputies at a hotel in Constanta regarding the inquiry she was working on, in the RAFO-Carom file of businessman Ovidiu Tender and that the owner of the respective hotel was present at the scene.


Udrea: Bica told me Coldea is pressing two files


In an interview for Hotnews.ro, Udrea declared that, in the spring of 2013, Culita Tarata, who had a business in agriculture, told her that “there was a file against some business partners he had had, who sold grain that somehow had the best price on the market, something like this, so, these people were affecting the interests of great grain traders, and they were not Romanians. Finally, this file was made especially to kick them off the market; and Culita Tarata mentioned General Coldea’s interest.”

“At that time, Alina Bica was merely the advisor of the DIICOT Chief Prosecutor. I think he was Codrut Olaru. The late Culita Tarata’s plea, or wish, was that I would tell these things to the President of Romania. I went to Ms. Bica and I asked her whether the things the late Culita Tarata told me could be true, because I did not want to go and forward things without checking them. Ms. Bica told me that it was true, that she also endured pressure regarding this file she was coordinating at that time, or I do not know her precise attributions as an advisor of the General Prosecutor. Pressure is still put upon prosecutors, she told me. I do not know whether she told it to me then, or later, but she was specific in mentioning Ioan Nicolae’s file”, Udrea declared, pointing out that the pressure was exercised by Coldea in order to impose given measures or to determin certain decisions.

Udrea concluded by saying that, after being provided this information by Alina Bica, she had forwarded Culita Tarata’s message to the President, but she did not know what the Head of the State did after.






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