Udrea talked to Basescu before DNA hearing, admits Basescu’s entrance in PMP was hoax

Accused of money laundering and false declarations, Elena Udrea discussed with former President Traian Basescu in the day the prosecutors told her she had a criminal file.

“I have also talked to Mr. President yesterday, I think (Thursday, January 29 2015, editor’s note) regarding the topic of my hearing at DNA. It was a matter of complaisance”, Udrea revealed for hotnews.ro on Friday in the same interview that has made the Romanian politics and public space to explode.

Moreover, the former presidential advisor admitted that her statements, as well as those by Basescu, that the former President would join PMP, made during the campaign, were mere lies for voters.

“Romania’s President will decide to return to politics when he wants to. Did you hear him saying anything and not mentioning PMP and Elena Udrea?


Elena Udrea: But why should Traian Basescu join PMP?


Do you know when he had made the sole declaration that he would join us? He did it during the campaign, when Ms. Macovei’s supporters launched the idea that the President was actually supporting Macovei. If during the campaign, Traian Basescu did not issue a declaration day by day, saying again and again “I support Elena Udrea”, there were people who started claiming that “he stopped supporting Elena Udrea”. That was a moment when we declared that Traian Basescu would join PMP. My opinion is tht President Traian Basescu cannot join any political party, not even the Popular Movement Party (PMP). He may be our partner, obviously, but entering PMP would be too little for him”, Udrea admitted.


Udrea charged for money laundering and false wealth statements


The prosecutors of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) on Thursday ordered the investigation of deputy Elena Udrea under judicial restriction in the case where she faces charges of money laundering (in the form of having acquired/used goods about which she knew that they had been illegally obtained) and of making false wealth statements.

“The prosecutors of the National Anti-corruption Directorate – Section for the combat of corruption related offenses – ordered the initiation of criminal proceedings and a 60-day restriction, starting January 29, 2015 until March 29, against Elena Gabriela Udrea for the crime of money laundering (in the form of acquiring / using goods about which she knew that they had been illegally obtained) and making false wealth statements,” reads a DNA release.





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