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February 1, 2023

EY survey: Romania, attractive destination for tourists seeking authentic experiences in traditional communities

Romania can be an attractive destination for the tourists from the Y generation [the people born between 1981 and 2000] seeking authentic experiences in the heart of some traditional communities, according to the survey ‘Global Hospitality Insights: Top Thoughts for 2015,’ released by EY Romania.
‘The tourists from the millennial generation [the Y generation] and those who have adopted their behaviour do not seek the experiences or the hotels preferred by their parents, but are very careful about the costs they assume. At the same time, they are more focused on living experiences, either it is about a leisure trip or a business one. From this perspective, Romania can be an attractive destination for tourists seeking authentic experiences in the heart of some traditional communities. For these tourists, the lack of infrastructure is no longer an obstacle, but rather an attraction, as they seek destinations that are remote from urban agglomerations,’ say the consulting company’s representatives.
The travel and tourism industry contributes 9.5% to the global GDP, providing 266 million jobs, and in Romania this contribution stands at 5.1% of GDP, 33.1 billion lei (9.9 billion dollars respectively), according to the World Tourism Council (WTTC) report.
The Council estimated an increase of 5.4% in the total contribution of tourism to GDP in 2014, followed by an average growth of 3.8% per year until 2024, to 50.8 billion lei, shows the cited document.
According to the said document, the hospitality industry is experiencing globally a wave of development, innovation and rise in demand, being in an excellent position for making new gains over 2015, as fresh capital injections from new geographical areas increase the number of players in this industry and create a favorable context for acquisitions.
‘Less means more’ is the approach demanded by the Y generation also in terms of the hospitality industry. In 2015, the ‘millennials’ generation (or the Y generation) will continue to have a significant influence on how the hospitality industry will develop its offer and on the types of services that hoteliers will propose to their customers.


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